What just happened to a US Congressional delegation in Israel is utterly disgraceful

It always amazes me how if you stand up to militant Islamists you are somehow deemed hateful. Just yesterday we brought you the story about memorials being dedicated by the Palestinian Authority (Fatah) honoring Islamic terrorists. We’ve also reported how the PA offers payments to the families of deceased Islamic terrorists — not condemnation, but compensation.

And so here we are about to lift sanctions on the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism in the world and open up economic and energy markets with Iran — while some are advocating for boycotting, divesting, and sanctions against Israel. We are truly in bizarro world.

I remember my congressional delegation visit to Israel and the time we spent going all over the country, especially Jerusalem. It was my second time to Israel and a spiritual experience I will never forget. However another thing I will never forget is when we went to Bethlehem and because we were behind the “security wall,” neither our Jewish tour guide nor bus driver were not permitted to continue and were switched out with an Arab driver and tour guide. The change in tone and enthusiasm was quite noticeable — even my wife Angela recognized it. Of course it’s no secret many of the Christians who once resided in Bethlehem have since departed — so much for coexistence.

And sadly, it’s not getting any better, as another U.S. Congressional delegation got a chance to experience the Islamic version of coexistence.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon — via the Jerusalem Post — “A delegation of U.S. congressmen in Israel was harassed by a large group of Muslim men during a visit to the historically significant Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Tuesday, according to a Jerusalem Post report.

Reps. Trent Franks (R., Ariz.), Keith Rothfus (R., Penn.), and Evan Jenkins (R., W.Va.), who was also joined by his wife, were approached by several Muslim men when they ascended the Temple Mount. The men were “surprisingly intolerant and belligerent,” according to Rothfus. Police had to break up multiple outbursts, one which was caused by outrage that Jenkins’ wife, who was wearing a long sleeve shirt and calf-length skirt, needed to cover up more.”

Here is how it all went down: “The delegation said the harassment began when they ascended the Mount, and Mrs. Jenkins, who was wearing a calf-length skirt and a long-sleeved shirt was yelled at that she needed to cover up more, and police were needed to break up the melee and clear the way for the group to continue the visit. The delegation’s guide then began to speak about the history of the site, which is holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims, but is controlled by Jordan and the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf.

When the guide showed the group a map of Israel, a man who was cleaning nearby notified another man in the area, who asked the guide questions about the maps and diagrams, demanding to be shown if any of them feature the Temple, and told him he cannot use the term “Temple Mount,” only “Dome of the Rock,” as can be seen in a video the group provided to The Jerusalem Post. Men wearing shirts with Waqf insignia then repeatedly interrupted the guide and tried to grab his diagrams and maps. The guide responded that he is doing nothing illegal and will only stop if told to do so by police. Soon after, 15-20 men began to harass the group, interrupting the tour guide, shouting and pointing, and once again police had to break up the commotion. The guide “let us know that men running around with walkie-talkies are not the final authority,” Jenkins recounted. “Despite the screaming and shouting and pointing of men with walkie-talkies, the police were able to exercise their authority and let us proceed comfortably.”

When we went to Israel for our delegation visit, our wives were briefed on attire, which they accommodated. Now, to have these thugs demand anything of the wife of a U.S. Member of Congress is insufferable.

Consider the recent statement by our Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson, that here in America we cannot use the words Islamic with terrorist, lest it offends the Muslim community. Here we have members of our legislative branch who cannot enjoy visiting the Holy Land without undue harassment from Muslim gangs. So we acquiesce here in America and we’re supposed to subjugate in Israel? That is not an acceptable policy.

And lest we have forgotten our history, the whole reason Pope Urban II called for the Crusades in 1095 AD was because Christian pilgrims were being attacked, assaulted, and harassed by Muslims. Well, I guess some things just never change — right up there with the recent ISIS beheading of a Croatian man — I can address the Muslim army exploits in the Balkans at a later date. But, if you want to know the significance of Kosovo, just read up on the Battle of Kosovo Polje, circa 1389 AD, when the Muslim army summarily executed, by beheading, the Serbian soldiers who had been defeated. I suppose if they had bombs or IEDs back then they would have buried them and blew them all up.

Can any of you imagine the outcry if a Muslim legislative delegation were harassed while visiting the National Cathedral in Washington DC? You know that the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) would throw a fit and there would be all sorts of protests and apologies demanded — shall any be forthcoming here?

And as for history, the site is the Jewish Temple Mount and no brutish claims based on combative conquest will alter that fact. There is a tradition in Islam to raze religious structures once the lands are conquered and build over them — Constantinople and Cordoba are examples — hmm, could that tradition have anything to do with a desire to erect a “Cordoba” house near the site of “Ground Zero” in New York City?

Two Members of Congress expressed their sentiments on the confrontation. “It was a place of great religious meaning to me as a Christian, a destination … that me and my wife were looking forward to, and then to have the confrontation from the Muslims who yelled and shouted at us and my wife individually … To literally step on the Temple Mount and be confronted was certainly shocking,” Congressman Jenkins said. “We weren’t doing anything religious. We were learning the history of the Temple Mount,” Congressman Rothfus said. “Maybe the folks who were behaving like this might want to do some self-examination. They really are not presenting themselves as very good ambassadors for their cause.”

The problem is that we have acquiesced so much that those Muslim men realized they don’t have to be ambassadors — they operate from a different perspective — one of intimidation in order to instill fear. They fully expect subjugation and acceptance of dhimmi status. Now, for liberal progressives that may be fine — but for us red-blooded Americans, well, that dawg don’t hunt. And please, you Islamapologists spare us the faux respect line and the “they should not have been there” drivel.

And if those jackasses had tried to bum rush my wife, Dr. Angela Graham-West, chances are somebody would have been taken behind the woodshed — cuz, homey don’t play dat!


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