Trump say his tax policy will put this company OUT of business

As the dust appears to settle from his post-debate feud with Fox News, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump turned to policy this morning — something critics have accused him of lacking.

In appearances on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” and CNN’s “New Day,” Donald Trump began to outline his views on tax policy, saying he would both reduce taxes and move to simplify the tax code, for starters.

As Breitbart reports:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated that on taxes he supports, simplifying the tax code and wants to “reduce taxes” on Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends.” Although, he later added on CNN’s “New Day” that “I know exactly what I want to do, I just don’t want to announce it yet.”

Trump began the interview by saying to host Steve Doocy, “Well, we are friends, Steve. We’ve always been friends, and it’s great to be back with you” after Doocy remarked, “glad we’re friends.”

Asked about his tax plan, Trump said, “You have so many plans Steve, and you have the Fair Tax, and you have the flat tax, and you have the current system, but it’s too complicated. Frankly, what we should do is…start it off by simplifying our current system, put H&R Block out of business, knock them out, put them out of business. A simple return, people have to go out and pay a lot of money to get help, to fill out their tax returns. And I’m talking about a simple return. We have to simplify our code, we have to bring down taxes, but we have to simplify our code, Steve, it’s too complicated. You can’t do it. You have to go — in my case, I have lawyers all over the place. I have accounting firms all over the place, everybody. You have to simplify this tax code. And from that point on, you can maybe do something else. But before we do anything, simplify it. Make it nice and easy for people to understand, and reduce taxes.”

What a concept! Simplify the return and make it easy for people to understand.

In an interview on CNN’s “New Day” shortly after, Trump was asked, “You know you’re have to do better than that, as you go forward here, in terms of putting out ideas that people can cling to. What do you think should be the top tax rate, for someone, let’s say, like you who’s a billionaire?”

CNN later challenged Trump to get into more detail. Interesting. Hey, does anyone remember the media challenging Hillary Clinton to give deeper details on her tax code policy, beyond her pithy sound bites about making sure the tax code “rewards hard work”? Don’t think so… the press seems content to ask Mrs. Clinton about her favorite ice cream flavor instead. And let’s not forget Mrs. Clinton’s recent statement regarding the XL pipeline — that we have to elect her in order to find out what she’d do about it. Yep, pretty much par for the course with our liberal media…

Of course, in true Trump fashion, the candidate shot right back, arguing that he still has time to unfold his detailed plans over time.

Trump answered, “I don’t think I have to do a lot better right now. I mean, we’re in a very formative part of the campaign. And I’m also forming — you know, you don’t understand, to be a successful person and a businessperson, you have to be flexible. You know, the boxers say you have to go with punches. You have to be flexible. You can’t just be boom, boom, hard and fast.” And said that when he bought properties he didn’t have 14-point plans, but “I went in and got it. So, a lot of this stuff, you don’t want to hear about the plans, you got to get in and you got to get it done.”

He added, “Our tax code is too complicated, and we can simplify it so easily.” When asked how, he answered, “Using intelligence. By having common sense,” and re-iterated that he wants to put H&R Block out of business.

He continued, “You can have a Fair Tax, you can have a flat tax, or you can leave the system alone, which is probably the simplest at this point. Leave the system alone, and take out deductions, and lower taxes, and do lots of really good things, leaving the system the way it is. And I know exactly what I want to do, I just don’t want to announce it yet.”

Trump has openly admitted he actively works to pay as little as possible in taxes because he despises the way the government utilizes taxpayer funds — a sentiment that no doubt is shared by many of you. As we await further details from the candidate himself, Trump’s 2011 book “Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again,” in which he lays out a plan to completely transform the tax code, may provide some clues.

While many have doubted his longevity as a candidate, Donald Trump appears to be demonstrating his staying power, with post-debate polls showing him rising and/or holding steady — despite, or perhaps because of, the drama surrounding him during and after the debate. He’s proven again and again his bold willingness to buck the political correctness so many of us feel is killing our nation.

Will Donald Trump’s policies be equally bold? We’ll all be waiting with bated breath to learn more.


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