Liberals just passed INSANE law to reduce gun violence

Seattle just passed what we call a “twofer:” two ways to harass gun owners while making no sense whatsoever. But hey, it’s the liberal way.

In the non-stop, never-ending attempts to blame law-abiding gun owners for everything from global warming to obesity to mad cow disease, the Seattle city commission has decided it’s time to punish them with a tax.

According to the liberal leftie commandment, thou shalt tax everything that breathes, the city commission has decided gun owners must now pay for the hospital bills of gun shot victims. Instead of addressing the real problem of gun violence, the commission has decided a $25.00 tax on all firearms sales and a $.05 tax on each bullet will reduce the crime rate and pay for all those expenses incurred by the city when rival gangs shoot each other up. Unlike some other really stupid liberal ideas, this one doesn’t even sound good on paper.

As KOMO News reports, Seattle’s City Council unanimously approved a new tax on the sale of firearms and ammunition Monday – a measure designed to help offset the financial toll of gun violence. But opponents quickly promised a legal challenge.

The council adopted the tax – patterned after a similar measure in Cook County, Illinois – on an 8-0 vote. The tax amounts to $25 for each firearm sold in the city, plus 5 cents per round for nearly every type of ammunition. The revenue would be used for gun safety research and gun violence prevention programs.

The council also unanimously passed a companion measure to require mandatory reporting of lost or stolen firearms. Mayor Ed Murray said he supports both efforts.

As SeattlePI reported last week, Harborview Medical Center treated 253 victims of gun violence in 2014 at a cost of $17 million, $12 million of that borne by the taxpayers, so it is right to “ask the gun industry to chip in and help defray those costs,” Seattle City Council President Tim Burgess, sponsor of the legislation, told colleagues.

The $25 tax on gun purchases will cause buyers to “travel to retailers outside Seattle,” Trevor Santos, manager of government relations for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, told council members. The burden of the tax, which also includes a five-cents-per-cartridge tax on ammunition, would fall on “law-abiding gun owners,” argued Santos, because criminals don’t patronize legitimate gun dealers (who run background checks.)

Of course, ultimately what will happen is all gun stores will close up shop in Seattle and move someplace else.

Honestly, how is forcing gun owners to report the theft of a gun going to prevent the theft of the gun to begin with? Here’s my idea of a twofer. Step 1: Arrest violent criminals and lock them up. Step 2: Throw away the key.

[Note: This article was written by Ashley Edwardson]


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