BOOM: Fiorina zings Trump AND Fox in one fell swoop

Carly Fiorina made another splash this past weekend, this time with Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” where she appeared to smoothly skewer both Donald Trump and the Fox debate moderators at the same time.

When Chris Wallace asked Fiorina about the decision by Red State to “disinvite” Donald Trump from its gathering this year, she replied, “Presidential campaigns are about watching someone under pressure and over time. And so in the debate that we were just talking about, you asked some tough questions too. You talked to Donald Trump about his record of bankruptcy. But I didn’t notice Donald Trump insulting YOU for 24 hours. There’s no excuse for this.

About Trump, Fiorina continued, “I don’t think you get things done by insulting everyone. I have a track record of getting things done.”

In her 12-minute segment with Wallace, she clearly and succinctly laid out her plan for getting the economy going and closing the gap of income inequality, saying “Income equality is worse under progressive policies because progressive policies favor the wealthy.”

Fiorina’s tax plan is simpler than even Herman Cain’s famous 9-9-9: Lower every rate, close every loophole.

If you don’t have time to watch the full clip, we’ll leave you with her final summation below:

I do believe this is a pivotal time in our nation’s history. I am running for president because I believe If we do not win in 2016 we are going to reach a point from which we may not be able to recover. I think it’s vital we demonstrate leadership in the world once again, I think it’s vital we get this economy going and growing, and I think it’s vital that we finally begin to reduce the size and the power and the corruption of the federal government.

Very hard to take issue with a single word of that! What do you think?

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]


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