You will not believe WHO destroy’s Obama’s Iran argument point-by-point

The more President Obama tries to convince us this deal with Iran makes sense, the less sense it makes. When he has to resort to name-calling and insults to make his point, it really makes you wonder about the substance. I mean, what is this, a presidential debate?

We know there’s a lot Obama wants to hide – side deals, secret memos and all sorts of things the American public isn’t supposed to worry it’s collective pretty little head about. But we’re about to find out the truth.

Whether it’s a purely political play or real concern, we finally have a rational point-by-point dismantling of Obama’s argument for the Iran deal by none other than…CHUCK SCHUMER?

Yes folks, you read that right. As The Weekly Standard reports, “when Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) announced that he would vote against the nuclear deal with Iran, he didn’t just take a position — he rejected every major argument President Obama has made on the agreement’s behalf. Schumer argues this is not a deal that prevents Iran from getting nuclear weapons, but one that brings it to the threshold of nuclear weapons capability. He states that its verification and enforcement mechanisms are flawed. Finally, he points out it provides Iran with tens of billions of dollars it could spend on subsidizing terrorism and other violent pursuits.”

Perhaps Schumer feels he has nothing to lose — there are already enough votes to approve this “deal” so he can score political points for the future by saying he was against it. But he is at least doing we, the people a service by concisely laying out what we’re going to have to contend with in the coming years if this disaster is allowed to happen. But darned if he doesn’t sound like a — gasp — conservative!

We hope you’ll take the time to read and share this. Scroll down to see the full analysis.

Schumer vs Obama


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