Black Lives Matter Crowd Shuts Down Bernie Sanders; Obama Heads to Whitest Place on Earth

Poor presidential candidate and Vermont senator, Bernie Saunders. With goodness in his heart, he headed to Seattle for a political rally to talk about Social Security and Medicare, but activists had something else in mind.

As MSNBC reports, Black Lives Matter activist Marissa Johnson leapt on stage as soon as Sanders took to the microphone saying “we’re shutting this event down — now.”

Johnson then asked for a four-and-half-minute moment of silence to honor Michael Brown Jr., the black teenager who was killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri, a year ago. As the crowd grew more agitated, Johnson added that Sanders says he cares about grassroots movements, but, “The biggest grassroots movement in this country right now is Black Lives Matter.”

The face-off represented the second time in the past month that Sanders has been confronted by Black Lives Matter activists in a high-profile setting. At the liberal Netroots Nation conference in Phoenix in late July, Sanders seemed irritated after women with the movement interrupted his speech.

Is Bernie Sanders becoming the Rodney Dangerfield of leftist politics? Who knows, but maybe it is hard for a guy to get some street cred when his home state of Vermont is 95 percent white and has fewer than 7,500 black residents.

Of course, street cred isn’t a problem for the nation’s first black president. If you like your cred you can keep your cred, even if you choose never to hang out with the common (black) man, and take your vacation at what may very well be one of the whitest places on earth.

By now the Obama’s vacationing practices are well known. Approximately 3-ish weeks, Hawaii by winter, Martha’s Vineyard by summer, ‘miscellaneous’ packed in between. But this summer’s annual rite-of-passage to the island playground of the rich and richer that’s sandwiched between the Massachusetts mainland and Nantucket (playground of the richer and richest) which is accessible via private helicopter contains a new twist.

Today was to be the first day of the president’s summer vacation jaunt. However Friday night, Mr. Obama apparently realized there was so little going on in the nation and world that he may as well skedaddle early and decided to tack an 18th day onto a vacation originally planned for 17.

Thus Obama skipped town Friday night to get to Martha’s Vineyard in time for a full extra day of vacation yesterday on Saturday, presumably to squeeze in 18 more holes over the weekend.

It’s yet another glaring example of Obama’s hypocrisy. Just weeks ago the Obama Dept. of Housing and Urban Development came under scrutiny for issuance of its “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” rule, a regulation using the force of government to help diversify America’s wealthier communities.

Yet the very next month, the First Family again heads to Martha’s Vineyard, one of a small crop of communities in Massachusetts’ Duke County a county which, according to U.S. Census Bureau data, is 96.6 percent white. Published by the island’s local paper, the Vineyard Gazette, “Given the Vineyard’s long, proud reputation as a racially-tolerant place, it has a remarkably small black component. Only 3.1 per cent identified as black or African American, rising to 4.8 per cent when mixed race was included..the Vineyard remains a very white place.

This bastion of wealthy liberalism isn’t exactly a hotbed of diversification. But its black population increases by 4 or 5 for the next few weeks. As per usual the POTUS will be attending parties put on by billionaires inside their gated communities guarded by people with guns while staying in an exclusive 7 bedroom, 9 bathroom home only the 1 percent can afford.

The POTUS will spend his days golfing with his (mostly all white) millionaire friends at exclusive private resorts whose parking lots are dotted with Jaguars, Bentleys and Mercedes Benzes and whose fairways are surrounded with million-dollar homes where the ultra-wealthy throw catered black-tie parties. You know, the kind of life most black folks can relate too. The ones whose lives really matter.

The First Family of course departed separately and flew aboard a different government 747 and helicoptered onto the posh enclave. It’s only money, you know.

As reported by Yahoo News,White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Obama realized he could spend Friday night on the island after all and “get started on his vacation first thing (Saturday) morning” so he decided to go for it.

With no official appearances scheduled, Obama will fill his days with leisurely rounds of golf, beach outings, bike rides and hikes with his wife and daughters, and dinner with Mrs. Obama and their friends at some of the island’s top restaurants.

He traveled with a small group of aides, including national security adviser Susan Rice, senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and others, who will update him as developments warrant…

Obama and his aides are hoping for a more relaxed summer getaway. Last year’s vacation began as the U.S. started launching airstrikes against Islamic militant targets in Iraq. He interrupted the vacation several times to address political developments in Iraq, the beheading of American journalist James Foley by Islamic State militants and violent protests that erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, following the fatal shooting of an unarmed, 18-year-old black man by a white police officer.

Obama later was criticized for heading to the golf course immediately after condemning Foley’s killing.

It’s nice to see we’re all having to pay for his entourage to make the trip as well. Apparently the president, Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice are unfamiliar with the technology of teleconferencing, Skype and WhatsApp so well utilized by our tech-savvy enemies. In any event, these staffers needed to be flown into Martha’s Vineyard, food, lodging, security detail, etc., as well. But as I said earlier, hey, it’s only (your) money.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]


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