Iran Just Made This Deal with China… And It Means They’re Ready For War

On Wednesday, Barack Obama made a weak plea for support to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreement with Iran. He even went so far as to castigate opponents of this foreign policy faux pas as equal to Iran’s maniacal Islamists. Obama states the only alternative to accepting his deal is war.

Well, we already reported Russia’s looking to sell Iran a fleet of aerial refueling tankers. Now, there’s another report about an Iranian weapons purchase — and the report is not coming from our media.

As reported by the Jerusalem Post:

Iran is beginning to reap the fruits of its nuclear deal with the world powers.

According to a report in the Taiwanese press, China is set to provide the Islamic Republic with 24 J-10 fighter jets.

In exchange, Iran will permit China access to its largest oilfield for the next 20 years. The total estimated value of the deal is $1 billion.

The J-10, which is known by the moniker “Vigorous Dragon,” is an advanced combat aircraft which foreign sources say is based on the original designs of the Lavi, the Israeli prototype whose manufacturing was canceled in the 1980s.

The Lavi was built and developed by Israel Aircraft Industries, though the government eventually decided to terminate the program due to the high costs of production and after the US offered to sell Israel F-16s as an alternative. After the cancellation, the Israeli government resolved to sell the plans to China.

The J-10 is a single-engine aircraft that has a flight range of 2,900 kilometers. Iran is believed to be interested in procuring the jet in order to defend its skies as well as to attack targets throughout the Persian Gulf.

And so it begins. The United Nations weapons embargo against conventional weapons is not supposed to end for five years according to the JCPOA; apparently, Iran and China — or for that matter, Russia — didn’t get the memo.

And Obama tried to make us believe Iran’s economy was weak. Well, now that they can have open markets, Iranian oil will be flooding the globe. Meanwhile, consider Obama’s stance towards our own oil, natural gas and coal energy sectors — under Obama our own oil exports are banned. We are watching Iran build its military arsenal — I’m quite sure just for parades, right?

We need to understand when the Iranian regime states, “Death to Israel” and “Death to America,” they’re not just whistlin’ Dixie. (Folks, that’s a southern expression; quite sure the liberal left will be jumping on me as a racist.) I can not fathom how President Obama feels he can convince us we must allow Iran to become an economic, military and, eventually, nuclear power.

How does Obama explain Iran and China entering into an arms for oil agreement? The sad fact is Obama fails to understand the JCPOA relegates America to a back bencher. We’re not part of IAEA inspection teams. We’re not privy to side deals between the IAEA and Iran. And we signed on to help Iran protect its nuclear program.

So how does Iran repay Obama’s generosity — actually, his acquiescence? It’s making deals for fighter aircraft and aerial refueling platforms.

According to defense analysts, Israel and the US are concerned about the emerging deal, which, if executed, could complicate foreign armies’ efforts to act freely in the region.

Something tells me Obama’s not as concerned about this, as the Jerusalem Post article states. If Obama were concerned, he wouldn’t have entered into this dangerous agreement with Iran. If Obama was concerned, he wouldn’t be decimating our own military capacity and capability — to include our now having the oldest and smallest fighter fleet since we created the modern U.S. Air Force. If Obama was concerned, he wouldn’t castigate opposition to his agreement as equal to the folks who are buying fighter jets from China.

Obama went to the U.N. Security Council to get approval for this folly. Now, two sitting members of that council have begun arms deals with Iran. In the words of Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday in “Tombstone,” now ain’t that a daisy?

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