After 60 minutes of BOVINE EXCREMENT from Obama, here’s my response

President Obama just made a plea to support the Iranian nuclear agreement at American University.

First of all, Obama fails to realize that we had a viable and credible military option on the table against the Soviet Union. Instead he is announcing the reduction of 40,000 active duty Army Soldiers.

The bottom line is that Obama wants us to get on board with his desire to support a weak, acquiescing agreement with the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism. This is a country, Iran, responsible for 20 percent of the deaths of our troops in Iraq via EFPs.

He wants us to line up with him while four Americans languish as hostages in Iran.

President Obama thinks it swell that Iran has told America that we will not be a part of any inspection teams and that the side deals between Iran and the IAEA are none of our business.

Barack Obama wants us to cheer him on as Iran will be able to open up its oil to global markets making its economy stronger and viable.

And we’re supposed to thank Obama for allowing Iran to have the weapons embargoes for conventional weapons and ballistic missiles lifted — and in ten years all of Iran’s centrifuges will enrich uranium at full capacity — as if we’d ever know if they weren’t already.

After all, we’re not part of any inspection team, so how can Obama state that we will be able to enforce anything? And the snapback sanctions require a committee which includes Iran to be reinstated.

As well, when does the United States surrender its sovereign decision-making to the United Nations? Who cares that Obama allowed the UN to preempt our Congress as a reason to support this aberration?

Barack Obama invoked the memory of President John F. Kennedy who spoke at American University on nuclear disarmament. Obama failed to realize that Kennedy dispatched the U.S. Navy to Cuba. Under Obama we don’t even have a replacement Carrier Battle Group (CVBG) in place in the Persian Gulf.

Well,to borrow the famed words of one Senator Lloyd Bentsen, “you sir, are no John Kennedy.”

And don’t forget… President Reagan walked away at Reykjavik. That’s how you send the message of American strength.

Barack Obama is a manipulative deceiver whose foreign policy is rooted in the debasing and neutering of America before our enemies. The fact that Obama strenuously had to spend nearly 45 minutes to try and cajole our country into supporting his folly — of which he will not have to contend with the full ramifications — is unconscionable. We are not supporting our allies in the area — ask Egypt, Jordan, the Kurds, and Israel. A good rhetorician talks a lot, but if this were a solid agreement, it would take less than ten minutes to explain to the American people.

The situation in the Middle East is worse, and America looks weaker, those are facts. That is the legacy of Barack Obama.


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