Time to boycott these hypocrites: Macy’s dumped Trump but kept THESE guys?

Our good friend and radio producer for Sean Hannity, Lauren Scirocco, has been stewing over the way Macy’s seems to have quite the double standards these days.

She writes, As the competition heats up to see which company can dump Trump the fastest due to his immigration comments, one such company that cut ties with the Donald should have taken a good look in the mirror, first.

Yes, Macy’s: Two can play this game.

The retail giant—one of the first companies to end business with Trump—said in a July 1 statement they had no tolerance for discrimination in any form and that “respect for the dignity of all people is a cornerstone of [Macy’s] culture.”

Now, let’s view this situation from the “I’m offended by everything perspective,” (which Macy’s basically used to validate it’s severing ties with Trump) and ask this simple question: How is it that Donald Trump’s comments about the fact that illegal aliens cross our borders and commit crimes, are any more offensive than Macy’s doing business with a white pop star who used the N-word while posting a photo of her son, and a rap star who can be seen choking and having sex with his girlfriend in a new commercial?

Could Donald Trump’s accurate (albeit blunt) remarks on illegal immigration possibly be more offensive than these aforementioned examples?

Middle-aged pin-up Madonna launched her exclusive clothing line with Macy’s in 2010, in collaboration with her daughter Lourdes. Macy’s currently offers 291 products for sale under the “Material Girl” brand.

Today, a quick search of “Material Girl” on the Macy’s website produces 291 products for sale.

Apparently Macy’s wasn’t at all bothered by Madonna’s use of the n-word on a 2014 Instagram post to describe her son…


After the n-word caused some outrage, Madonna released this statement saying, ‘There’s no way to defend the use of the word. It was all about intention…It was used as a term of endearment toward my son who is white.’

And just to show how loving she is, Madge captioning her next picture: ‘Ok let me start this again. Get off my d—k haters.’


OR the fact she used the word “gay” as an insult in a graphic with the online site Buzzfeed.


Scirocco writes, Surely, if they had known this, Macy’s would have immediately terminated their relationship with Madonna for her “lack of respect for the dignity of all people,” right?

Macy’s said in their statement that Trump’s immigration comments are “inconsistent with their values.” How is it that someone using the “n-word” and calling something “gay” as an insult is consistent with the Macy’s values? Does Macy’s actually have any values? Other than the sales?

In 2010, Macy’s also signed a deal with rap mogul, P Diddy to sell his fashion brand, Sean John in its stores. The deal meant that Sean John’s men’s sportswear collection would be sold online and in 400 Macy’s stores with additional stores added over time.

Today, a quick search of “Sean John” on Macy’s website produces 436 products for sale.

In May, the rapper released a commercial for his new Sean John fragrance, 3AM which features him choking a woman and having explicit sex.


In June, the rapper was arrested after an alleged violent altercation with his son’s football coach at UCLA. The case is ongoing and Diddy’s reps have claimed the rapper only acted in self-defense.

Will Macy’s condemn the explicitly sexual nature of his commercial for a fragrance sold in their stores? It’s been reported that they asked Diddy to “tone down” the nature of the video, but there was no denunciation of the content. Where is Macy’s official statement on P Diddy’s allegedly violent altercation with the football coach? Does their silence mean they are accepting of his behavior?

If Macy’s had an ounce of dignity, they would recognize that in its full context, what Donald Trump said was accurate and their decision to sever business ties with him was a knee jerk reaction to a well-orchestrated witch hunt on the presidential candidate by far Left radicals.

I just love liberal hypocrisy! It provides so much AWESOME material! Thank you, liberals and trolls, you’ve made this website a roaring success. Keep it up!

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]


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