OUCH: Hillary Clinton Just Got This Very Bad News

Poor Hillary Clinton. She’s been through a lot of rough times in her life — from her husband’s high-profile cheating, to their “dead broke” times following their stint in the White House, to people continually getting in her business about trivial matters like Benghazi and official email protocol.

And now, it’s finally supposed to be HER TURN to occupy the White House, but it seems the American people just aren’t getting it. In fact, the outlook just keeps getting worse for this Democrat presidential hopeful.

You can almost hear the big THUD from Mrs. Clinton’s latest poll numbers. As reported by The Washington Free Beacon:

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll out Tuesday found that voters’ opinion of Hillary Clinton has dropped.

MSNBC political commentator Mark Murray said Clinton has had a rough month. In June, the share of voters with a negative view of Clinton was 36 percent. In the newest poll, that number has jumped to 42 percent unfavorable.

“[The poll] just shows you that the past month has been very rough for her,” Murray said.

Murray also said that Clinton’s current standing is worse than Barack Obama’s has been during his entire presidency.

Worse than President Obama? Ouch, that’s really gotta hurt.

For the rest of us, these latest poll numbers may be a sign that there is still hope for the American electorate.


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