God Help Our Nation if Congress Condones This DEPRAVITY

There are things that clearly reflect a low point in our culture — and on Monday, such a thing happened.

As reported by Fox News:

The Senate failed Monday to advance a Republican-led measure to halt federal aid to Planned Parenthood, but leaders of the GOP-controlled chamber appear ready to continue the fight, galvanized by a series of unsettling videos about the group.

The vote to bring debate on the bill was 53 against to 46 in favor.

The measure had not been expected to get the 60 votes needed to move it toward a final vote because Republicans needed several “yeas” from Democrats, who largely support Planned Parenthood.

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin was among the Democrats who voted to defund the group. Manchin, whose state has increasingly become more Republican leaning, was undecided until a few hours before the vote.

“I am very troubled by the callous behavior of Planned Parenthood staff in (the) recently released videos, which casually discuss the sale, possibly for profit, of fetal tissue after an abortion,” he said before voting. “Until these allegations have been answered and resolved, I do not believe that taxpayer money should be used to fund this organization.”

Just to remind you, Planned Parenthood is a “not-for-profit” organization that’s been posting a $1B profit, while receiving some $550M in taxpayer funds. Planned Parenthood has some 700 clinics. And while it’s not a government agency, it’s bolstered by one of the most powerful political lobbying efforts in the country. I’m perplexed about when it became MY responsibility, as an American taxpayer, to fund a private-sector organization that sells the body parts of babies?

The Fox News piece stated this was a “Republican-led” measure. This past weekend, we witnessed the Democratic National Committee chair, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, struggle to delineate between the Democrat party and socialism. It seems the Democrat party, save two senators, has fully embraced the idea of infanticide. And it’s not just infanticide, but also the abhorrent practice of harvesting and selling the body parts of aborted babies. And please, spare me the drivel about scientific research.

Yesterday, President Obama made the plea that confronting climate change is a moral duty. Yet he’s fully embraced the philosophy of Planned Parenthood and applauded their work — the work of killing babies, chopping and squashing their body parts. Now, I’m not very surprised, as this is the same Barack Obama who championed a piece of legislation as a state senator in Illinois that a baby surviving an abortion still deserves to die.

If anyone questions Planned Parenthood’s purpose, just read and study the words of its founder, Margaret Sanger. Then tell me if you truly believe this is a right use of American taxpayer dollars. Heck, we might as well free Dr. Kermit Gosnell and give him tax dollars to commit his atrocities — what’s the difference?

We must stop the liberal progressive left mantra of calling out women’s reproductive health as the basis for Planned Parenthood and the necessity of killing babies. If we’re serious about women’s reproductive health, we’d take the half a billion dollars away from Planned Parenthood and spend it on research to find cures for ovarian, cervical, uterine, fibroid and breast cancers. Those, Ladies and Gents, are illnesses that affect women’s reproductive health. What does killing a baby and harvesting a murdered child’s body parts have to do with women’s health? And it’s time we stop accepting the worn out, leftist political propaganda of a “war on women.” And “black lives matter,” but not when it comes to black babies — some 16 million of whom have been killed, snuffed out, by the abortion industry led by Sanger’s Planned Parenthood.

Since the left is always into “fairness” and “fair share,” then I demand a pro-life group receive half a billion dollars of American taxpayer funds. If somehow we now in America believe it’s the responsibility of the federal government to kill babies — then I believe we should equally fund efforts to preserve life. And let’s never forget there are countless federally-funded community health centers focused on women’s health — so why are we spending half a billion dollars on Planned Parenthood?

What exactly are the funding priorities of the federal government? I don’t think it’s killing babies.

What about funding our military? If you haven’t noticed, under Commander Obama, the U.S. Army is at pre-World War II levels. The U.S. Marine Corps is at World War I levels. Our venerable U.S. Navy, which cannot conduct a relief in place for the Carrier Battle Group (CVBG) in the Persian Gulf — first time since 2007 — is currently at 1917 levels. And our U.S. Air Force has its smallest and oldest fleet since we created the U.S. Air Force as a stand alone military branch. The Obama administration rambles on about infrastructure repair and “shovel-ready jobs” — that turned out be not so shovel ready. Wouldn’t half a billion dollars be better appropriated for roads and bridges instead of killing babies?

Yesterday’s vote in the Senate gave a clear indicator as to who today’s Democrat party truly has become. It’s socialist in nature, as we’ve articulated here previously, as it’s fully locked onto the principles of redistributing wealth; nationalizing production; creating and expanding the welfare state; and advancing social utopianism and the secular state. We can add into that mix a demented idea that killing babies and harvesting their body parts are both fully acceptable and fully funded.

The Democrat party is starting to become an organization that selectively chooses who lives and who dies — and, in between, how you’re educated and what you can achieve. Even if you’re one who cares little about the lives of babies, you must be devoid of any humanity to believe Planned Parenthood’s actions are deserving of federal funding. Even if you care little about babies, you must admit this isn’t a fiscally sound endeavor. And we all know, the far left billionaire George Soros could easily write a check to Planned Parenthood for half a billion dollars a year.

Every person in the U.S. Senate who voted to continue funding Planned Parenthood with our taxpayer dollars — and I understand Mitch McConnell’s procedural action — can’t possibly look themselves in the mirror and like what they see. If they do, then they truly are indicative of a degraded state of humanity that’s overtaking our republic.


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