Are Dems So Afraid of The Donald They’re Getting THIS Guy to Run?

Things are certainly starting to get more interesting on the Democrat side of the 2016 presidential race.

Far from being the anointed one, Hillary Clinton is floundering so badly (love it!) that someone like Bernie Sanders is starting to look good to a lot of people. (Sounds kinda familiar, doesn’t it — a relatively unknown socialist coming up to challenge Hillary?) Meanwhile, rumor has it Vice President Joe Biden may be ready to step off the sidelines, and people continue to pontificate about when Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren will decide it’s the right time to swoop in, there’s a now a new name being bandied about.

When you read more about who it is — and you might join me in wondering, are Democrats looking for their own version of Donald Trump?

Via Newsmax:

Howard Schultz, the chairman and CEO of Starbucks, is being urged to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Schultz, 62, is getting encouragement from supporters because they believe “the time is right for someone who’s not a political lifer,” New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd said on Saturday. “It may be a tempting proposition.”

Not a political lifer? Check.

Raised in low-income housing in Brooklyn, Schultz later graduated from Northern Michigan University. He bought Starbucks in 1988 and built the company to where its operating income totaled $939 million in its most recent quarter, on $4.9 billion in sales.

Schultz also once owned the Seattle Supersonics.

As the Daily Caller reports, Schultz has a Forbes-estimated net-worth of $3 billion.

Wildly successful businessman? Check.

“He has strong opinions, and even position papers, about what he calls the fraying American dream,” writes Dowd, who has long criticized Clinton and former President Bill Clinton.

As leader of the coffee chain, Schultz has not shied away from promoting his liberal views: in 2013, for example, he banned gun-owners from carrying in stores. Earlier this year, he ordered the company’s baristas to scribble “Race Together” on coffee cups, an apparent attempt to provoke conversations about race.

In addition, as The Wrap notes, Schultz has been outspoken against Congressional gridlock, tried to get other business leaders to yank campaign donations until President Obama and Congress could agree on a deal to reduce the deficit. 

Strong opinions? Not afraid to stir up controversy? Check.

No word yet, it seems, on whether Howard Schultz is seriously considering jumping into the ring. If he does, things will surely get a LOT more interesting…


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