Top seven stupid reasons people have called 911

Incredible as it sounds, these are actual, real life, honest to Betsy reasons people have called 911. Some people have become so dependent on the nanny state, they are incapable of handling even the most minor inconveniences. There are some problems you just have to solve on your own. I spent two decades in law enforcement. Believe me, I’ve heard it all — but these have to be the top seven dumbest of all.

1. Don’t call 911 because you are at the drive-thru and McDonalds has run out of Chicken McNuggets. Get a Happy Meal or go to another restaurant.

2. Don’t call 911 if your cat is up in a tall tree. Do you ever see any cat skeletons in a tree? NO, they usually come down. And don’t call 911 if your cat has locked you out of the house. Your cat is a genius.

3. Don’t call 911 if you are convinced your boyfriend is cheating. Much quicker to just break up with him.

4. Don’t call 911 if your husband won’t eat his supper. Order takeout. He could probably stand to skip a meal anyway.

5. Don’t call 911 if your neighbor’s sprinkler is throwing water onto your yard. The same water hits your yard when it’s raining and the cops can’s stop that either. This rule also applies to grass clippings that have blown across the street and onto your yard.

6. Don’t call 911 if you can smell the chicken and ribs cooking on your next door neighbor’s BBQ grill. If the breeze is wafting the smells in your direction, the police/codes enforcement officers have no control over the balmy breezes. Here’s an idea! Take over some mac-n-cheese and some sweet tea and make it a block party. Call the cop working the area and invite him or her to lunch.

And the winner is:

7. Don’t be like this Connecticut shopper who called the police because he “felt” some items for sale at a flea market were “offensive.” Yep, the shopper called the police when he found a vendor selling Nazi and Confederate memorabilia. Sorry folks, unless the vendor is selling a “controlled substance,” the police have no control over what the flea market owner allows the vendors to do. Suggestion: don’t buy it if you don’t like it.

[Note: This article was written by Ashley Edwardson]


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