What White House Just Said About Planned Parenthood Should Have Us All VERY Afraid

As you may have heard by now, the White House has come out in defense of Planned Parenthood, going so far as to call the undercover videos showing haggling over baby parts “fraudulent.” This, despite spokesperson Josh Earnest’s own admission that he was “merely repeating” Planned Parenthood’s own talking points, as reported by the Washington Free Beacon.

Of course, none of this should surprise us, though it’s quite concerning on a number of fronts.

Certainly the fact that our White House is now nothing more than an uninformed parrot for Planned Parenthood is indeed very troubling. Earnest even admits that he thinks someone in the White House has watched the undercover videos at the center of the storm, but is unsure if President Obama has seen any of the videos himself, though “he’s been following this story in the news.” Pretty par for the course for this president to learn about big issues “from the news” — which means, of course, that the president is absorbing the one-sided liberal media bias. It’s no surprise at all that the White House maintains it will not support a congressional effort to defund Planned Parenthood, despite the increasingly damning evidence of what’s going on there.

But what should be even more troubling, in my opinion, is the language being bandied about to describe the makers of the video, the Center for Medical Progress. As The Washington Times reports:

“There’s ample reason to think that this is merely the tried-and-true tactic we’ve seen from some extremists on the right … that grossly distorts the position of people who are speaking on the video,” Mr. Earnest said.

Asked how he knows the videos are fraudulent, Mr. Earnest said he was taking Planned Parenthood’s explanation at face value.

We wrote here, just earlier this week, about a bill being pushed in Congress to combat “violent extremism” — and, in particular, the dangers of targeting such a vague term as “extremism.” As the White House statement on Planned Parenthood illustrates, “extremism” is in the eye of the beholder. Without a clear definition of what is really means, those of us who hold perspectives differing from the dominant (read: vocal and media-owning) liberal views, are at risk of being targeted and silenced. In fact, the story we shared earlier today of the California court who order the videos blocked is an chilling example of this already happening.

Today’s White House statement labeling the pro-life Center for Medical Progress as “extremists” should send chills down the spines of all of us who find ourselves in what so often feels like the minority these days in our uber politically correct and mixed-up culture — where the outrage over a lion drowns out that over the slicing and selling of unborn babies.

That’s why I repeat Allen West’s urge here to take action now to stop the legislation currently being considered: U.S. House of Representatives Bill 2899 (HB 2899). As West writes:

The is the last week for the House to be in session before recess adjournment in August. My recommendation is that you contact the House Homeland Security Committee and the House GOP leadership and share your concerns about this legislation. My issue is that “violent extremism” is just too vague. Consider this: the actions of Nidal Hasan — as well as the beheading of a woman in Moore, Oklahoma — wouldn’t even fit into this categorization, since the administration declared it “workplace violence.” Matter of fact, the Obama administration is even struggling to condemn the Islamic terrorist attack in Chattanooga as “violent extremism” — certainly President Obama has not said so.

Ladies and Gents, U.S. House of Representatives Bill 2899 (HB 2899) should not see the light of day; it must be killed.

And meanwhile, the makers of the Planned Parenthood undercover videos are also being labeled “extremists” — and our White House is taking this cue from Planned Parenthood itself labeling its opponents as such! And I hate to say it, but I have no doubt that the left will find a way to deem them “violent” as well, to fit their agenda and further their own cause.

I see so many comments on our Facebook page asking for action. This is something you ALL can act on now that can help not just on the Planned Parenthood issue, but so many others dear to our hearts as well. Do it now — before the House August recess — and tell your conservative friends!


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