While Liberals Were Busy Freaking Out About the Lion Being Killed, THIS Happened…

The “big” news on Wednesday — besides the outrage over the death of Cecil the Lion, of course — was that infamous Taliban leader Mullah Muhammad Omar is dead. Now, one would’ve thought it resulted from a heroic behind-enemy-lines combat raid by our Special Operations forces. We all remember the brave U.S. Navy SEALS who went in at “Zero Dark Thirty” to get bin Laden. Well, forget it, Hollywood, Mullah Omar seems to have died from believed tuberculosis — two years ago.

As reported by the BBC:

Taliban leader Mullah Omar died two years ago in Pakistan, a spokesman for Afghanistan’s security services says. 

Abdul Hassib Seddiqi told the BBC’s Afghan Service that Mullah Omar had died of health problems at a hospital in Pakistan. Afghanistan’s government says information on his death is “credible”. 

The latest reports of Mullah Omar’s death are being taken more seriously than previous such reports. The Taliban are expected to issue a statement soon. 

Sources at the Taliban’s two main councils in Quetta and Peshawar in Pakistan told the BBC they were in intensive talks to agree on a replacement for Mullah Omar. 

A statement from the office of Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani said that it believed, “based on credible information”, that Mullah Omar died in April 2013 in Pakistan.

Now, I won’t be shedding a tear for the death of this one-eyed, vile barbarian, but there’s something we must consider — how bad is our intelligence apparatus if they didn’t know Mullah Omar was dead two years ago? After all, we have a National Security Agency (NSA) collecting lots of metadata on everyday Americans.

And while we may be pleased to know Omar is dead, did the Taliban stop fighting?

Herein lies the fallacy of the drone strike where we all celebrate the killing of one or two leaders here and there. That’s not a strategy; the ideology continues and the Islamic jihadists don’t skip a beat. The killing of Osama bin Laden didn’t end the war against Islamo-fascism; it actually fueled it.

And so it is in this case, the fight continues. And it wouldn’t surprise me in any way if somehow one of the five senior Taliban leaders released from GITMO didn’t find their way back onto the battlefields of Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is why they never should’ve been released. And something just leads me to believe those five knew Omar was dead. They certainly knew that for a fact once they got to Qatar.

Now would be the time to bring the Taliban to their knees — while they’re now in a leadership transition period — but we know that won’t happen. This event should prompt us to change our strategy in this current conflagration against militant Islamic jihadism. Instead, we shall just sit back and allow the enemy to take its sweet time and reestablish its leadership and chain of command.

Now, this is what should happen. These bastards want to hold a tribal council (Shura) — well, to me, that represents a target. In World War II, when we found out the flight plan for Japanese Admiral Yamamoto, we dispatched fighter planes to shoot him down. Sadly though, we have a president who claims an ideological war cannot be won with bullets, but rather with better ideas. I have a better idea: use bigger bullets. The art of winning the hearts and minds of 7th century barbaric savages is ripping out their hearts in order to get the attention of their minds.

Oh yes, I hear the liberal progressives now — that mean, nasty and hateful warmongering Col. West. West, you fail to understand that if we reach out our hand, they’ll unclench their fist. West, you just need to embrace the concept of coexistence and finding a peaceful solution. Yeah, right.

I recall the dying words of one Dutch filmmaker, Theo Van Gogh, as he was being stabbed to death by an Islamic jihadist, asking if they could just talk about it.

I wish there could be “world peace,” but this isn’t the Miss Universe contest. The world is a bad place when we allow bad people to exist. And there are some who only comprehend force, strength and might. Mullah Omar’s death, two years ago by sickness, changes nothing.

The pathetic part to this is that we are not changing anything to truly degrade, defeat and destroy militant islamic jihadism.


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