BOOM: Donald Trump’s Pick For Attorney General… Liberals’ Worst Nightmare

Whatever your feelings about presidential hopeful Donald Trump, you may just love his pick for attorney general. Maybe even as much as liberals will hate it.

Via Conservative Tribune:

Even though he’s just a presidential hopeful, Donald Trump has wasted no time telling America his top pick is for attorney general. And, if you were somehow involved in the Benghazi scandal or Hillary Clinton’s email debacle, you’d better watch out.

In a Tuesday tweet, Trump said that he would pick South Carolina representative and chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi Trey Gowdy as his attorney general, were he to be elected president.

@HillaryClinton‘s toast. Dems had better get the ‘B Team’ off the bench. @TGowdySC (Trey Gowdy’s Twitter username) for Attorney General under President Trump,” Trump tweeted.


Rep. Gowdy, whose tenacious manner with liberals and Obama administration officials has earned him the nickname “The Bulldog,” has been a conservative favorite for quite some time now. In fact, before the 2014 Republican sweep of Congress, political action group the Tea Party Leadership Fund endorsed Gowdy to take over John Boehner’s position as speaker of the House.

While Gowdy didn’t get that job, it might be even more satisfying seeing the South Carolina bulldog at Eric Holder’s old desk, prosecuting all of those Democrats let slide during the Obama administration.

Imagine, after years of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch… Trey Gowdy?!!! Just the thought of it alone renews my hope in our nation’s future. As Conservative Tribune aptly suggests, the thought of Trey Gowdy as attorney general is like Christmas in July. Like a kid awaiting the arrival of Santa, I anxiously anticipate January 2017 — and fervently hope there’s something good under the tree for us this time!


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