Hillary Shuts Down NYC Department Store To Do WHAT?

I know I should’ve stopped being surprised a long time ago about presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s blatant hypocrisy, given that just about EVERYTHING she does gives us yet another data point to prove it.

And yet, I still find myself freshly astonished and disgusted at what happened last week in New York City. As if flying around in a private jet isn’t enough, there’s this. As the New York Post — no, it’s not a spoof from The Onion — reports:

Hillary Clinton put part of Bergdorf Goodman on lockdown on Friday to get a $600 haircut at the swanky John Barrett Salon.

Clinton, with a huge entourage in tow, was spotted being ushered through a side entrance of the Fifth Avenue store on Friday.

A source said, “Staff closed off one side of Bergdorf’s so Hillary could come in privately to get her hair done. An elevator bank was shut down so she could ride up alone, and then she was styled in a private area of the salon. Other customers didn’t get a glimpse. Hillary was later seen with a new feathered hairdo.”

Clinton regularly sees salon owner John Barrett, who charges regular mortals $600 for a cut and blow-dry. Hair color can cost an extra $600.

It is not known how much, or if, Clinton paid for the haircut, and her reps didn’t respond to requests for comment. But Clinton’s attachment to her hairstylists is well documented.

And let’s not forget that her husband, Bill Clinton, was famously caught up in a 1993 controversy known as “Hairgate” when he got a $200 haircut on Air Force One as it was idling for an hour at LAX, shutting down two runways and diverting numerous flights.

I’m not sure which is more offensive and hypocritical for the self-proclaimed Woman of the People — getting a $600 haircut or closing down part of Bergdorfs so she can have a private entrance and haircut.

Certainly, paying more for a haircut than the average American makes in a week is pretty extreme, for anyone. As the Washington Free Beacon notes, according to the most recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the average yearly income of a person in the United States as of 2013 was $28,155, meaning that each American earns an average of $2346.25 per month, or $586.56 weekly. That’s nearly $14 less than Clinton’s haircut — assuming she paid market price for her shi shi John Barrett Salon haircut. And if she got color as well, a routine the candidate has been quite vocal about, the total bill would have been more in the neighborhood of $1,200, to include a a typical cut, color and blow dry at the John Barrett Salon.

But what’s almost more obnoxious to me is the whole business about shutting down part of a major department store so that she can have a private entrance and private haircut. It’s so indicative of her attitude that she is, in fact, royalty and subject to different treatment than the average American. I mean, she wouldn’t want to risk rubbing elbows with the mere peons who frequent Bergdorf Goodman, would she?

Of course, Twitter is having a field day with this, as is entirely called for in the situation:

hillary hair

Newsflash for Hillary. WE CAN SEE YOU in your private jet and WE HAVE INTERNET to read about your $600 haircut private department store escapades. If you want us to believe you’re a woman of the people — “one of us,” who understands what the average American is going through — start acting like one.


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