What Iran Just Announced Proves They’re Planning for War As Soon As Possible

The fallout from President Obama’s ill-conceived agreement with Iran has begun.

Over the weekend, the Ayatollah Khamenei sent a tweet showing Obama in silhouette with a gun to his head. The text was a blatant threat to the United States that it will be defeated if it engages Iran in combat. It’s clear the Iranian regime feels it has the high ground — especially while Obama was in Kenya being rebuffed for trying to lecture the Kenyan president about gay rights.

Are we sure about that poll which stated America is highly respected across the globe? Who did they ask, Lichtenstein and Monaco?

And in what Obama and his administration felt was to their advantage, they pushed a vote in the United Nations (UN) Security Council and the European Union to validate and endorse “his” deal. So now, the actions of our U.S. Congress, following the required 60-day review period, almost seem a fait accompli.

For all intents and purposes, the international sanctions are over, and new markets will be flocking to Iran — especially oil markets. This means not only hundreds of billions of unfrozen assets for Iran, but also new revenue which will flow to the world’s largest sponsor of Islamic terrorism. And this while our Congress holds hearings and goes on recess in August, kinda like a particularly bad episode of “As the World Turns.” Our Congress, who must achieve supermajority levels of 67 senators and 291 representatives to avoid Obama’s promised veto, has pretty much been relegated to irrelevance due to Obama’s end-around actions with the UN. Even if they can achieve the votes to sink the Iranian agreement, America will only have the ability to levy its own sanctions against Iran.

As for “snapback” sanctions, good luck after international business deals have launched and signed. And it takes a committee which includes Iran to “snapback” sanctions — doesn’t sound too snappy to me.

But the grave threat Obama’s enabled is already playing out, as reported by Debka:

In defiance of the international arms embargo, Iran last week placed an order with Moscow for a huge fleet of 100 Russian IL78 MKI tanker aircraft (NATO: Midas) for refueling its air force in mid-flight, thereby extending its range to 7,300 km. This is reported exclusively by DEBKAfile from its military and intelligence sources. The transaction runs contrary to the terms of the nuclear accord the six world powers and Iran signed in Vienna earlier this month. 

These tanker planes can simultaneously refuel six to eight warplanes. Their acquisition brings Israel, 1.200km away – as well the rest of the Middle East – within easy range of Iranian aerial bombardment. It also puts Iran’s air force ahead of Israel’s in terms of the quantity and range of its refueling capacity. 

Whereas opponents of the Vienna deal have warned that Tehran will spend the billions of dollars released by sanctions relief as a bonanza for fueling its campaigns of terror in the region, it turns out that Iran’s first post-accord purchase is a heavy investment in the rearmament and upgrade of its armed forces’ aggressive capabilities. 

Tuesday, July 21, DEBKAfile uncovered some of the tactics and escape clauses Iran has had built into its nuclear accord with the world powers for circumventing its provisions and commitments. The purchase of Russian refueling craft is a concrete example of this kind of evasion. Because the accord confirms the arms embargo in force until 2020, both Moscow and Tehran can maintain that the Russian aircraft industry will not be able to produce 100 new planes before the five years are up, and so the transaction is not a violation.

There’s no honor amongst dictators, despots, theocrats and autocrats. It’s amazing that, so soon, Russia and Iran are testing this “agreement.” And of course, since Russia sits on the UN Security Council and the P-5+1, forget about this order being challenged.

What’s also very disconcerting is that Israel doesn’t possess a matching capability — they’ve depended on the U.S. for aerial refueling support. Now, something tells me this just may not be happening under the Obama administration. After all, it was President Obama who threatened to cut off Hellfire missile support to Israel during the last conflagration with Hamas — a declared Islamic terrorist organization.

So why would Obama cut off support to our supposed ally, a sovereign nation-state, under attack from a terrorist organization? Then again, why would Obama and Kerry promise millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to Hamas in the aftermath of the combat operation? I suppose it’s just the Obama administration’s modus operandi to fund Islamic terrorists.

Here I thought it’d be five to eight years before Iran became a bonafide military power in the Middle East. Thanks to Obama, I may be very wrong. The UN arms embargo against Iran, something that was not originally part of this “deal,” is supposed to end for conventional weapons at five years and for ballistic missiles at eight years. I guess we can start waiting for Iran’s declaration that they’re acquiring new missiles?

So what are we supposed to believe — better yet, who are we supposed to believe? Anyone who sides with Obama embracing this Iranian agreement must be considered rather delusional. This is no “peace in our time” moment. And sadly, history is repeating itself. My assessment is that Neville Chamberlain actually thought he was doing something good. Barack Obama knew he was not — and is content with this selling out of America, as well as the abandonment of four American hostages.

Major Garrett was right in asking the question. Obama’s and the liberal progressive media’s reaction evidenced that Garrett was right — and he struck a nerve. Sadly, the morally and intellectually bankrupt left will protect the very individual who’s placed America, and the free world, in peril — purposely and intentionally.


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