Watch what happens when a DEMOCRAT says “all lives matter” instead of “black lives matter”

Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley can hang it up as far as running for president. At a time when this country needs a resolute leader who can stare down the growing list of global adversaries, O’Malley has displayed a weak spine — ok, a lack of spine all together.

If you haven’t seen the video of O’Malley being challenged at the far left liberal progressive Net Roots Nation event, you can enjoy it here.

O’Malley was confronted by the leftist mob and actually booed when he made the simple statement, “all lives matter.” I would have given O’Malley high marks until he then made an apology for saying, “all lives matter. If O’Malley can’t make a stand and stand by his comments of “all lives matter,” we don’t need him as anything other than a former politician. O’Malley begins to wuss out at about the 1:50 mark.

As Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz writes, “Every time I watch the footage, I can hardly believe my eyes. Martin O’Malley had a chance to seize an important political moment—and instead he wimped out. And the way he did it speaks volumes as to why he’s gotten so little traction in his race against Hillary Clinton.

In politics there are times when you have a moment to project an image of strength, independence or just plain brashness. This was not one of those times. The former Maryland governor was at the Netroots Nation conference over the weekend when a group of demonstrators began demanding that he talk about police brutality. They soon began chanting: “Black lives matter!” O’Malley, who had been talking about civilian boards to oversee police, responded with this: “Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.”

What could possibly be objectionable about that statement? But the mostly black protesters didn’t like it and began booing the Democratic candidate. And in a subsequent interview with the online show “This Week in Blackness,” he apologized: “I meant no disrespect. That was a mistake on my part and I meant no disrespect. I did not mean to be insensitive in any way or communicate that I did not understand the tremendous passion, commitment and feeling and depth of feeling that all of us should be attaching to this issue.”

There are two points of order to assess. First, Martin O’Malley is, well, less than weak. I mean, give me a break, how can we expect this guy to run for president and actually present a policy and stand for it if he won’t embrace a basic principle — the right of life for all? O’Malley came across as a timid and fearful panderer who cannot be trusted to ensure the security of our Republic.

The second point is that the liberal progressive leftist mob completely owns the Democrat Party. To see some gang bum rush a stage confronting a presidential candidate is unbelievable. Yep, the constitutional conservative grassroots movement called the Tea Party confronts politicians, but the issue is the issues — policy solutions and the lack of integrity in our elected officials. The Tea Party is upset about fiscal policies – or the lack thereof — which has resulted in an exploding federal debt.

But a mob demanding racial privileges under the guise of social justice, as well as booing the statement “all lives matter” – that’s something far more dangerous. And to have a potential presidential candidate apologize and cower to that mob only serves to embolden their further antics.

The response from O’Malley should have been simply what kind of crazed sociopaths are you to not believe that all lives matter? O’Malley should have stated he wouldn’t be intimidated by the mob — heck, Bernie Sanders clearly stated he’d leave the stage in the face of the disrespectful belligerence.

But there is yet another twist to this story. As written by my good buddies at, “On his Sirius-XM Mad Dog Sports Radio show Tuesday, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith defended Democratic presidential candidate and former Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-MD) for saying “all lives matter” after he was booed by a crowd for his comments.

“I have to say this, I guess rhetorically to my brothers and sisters, because I am a black man. Where’s the noise about black lives matter when black folks are killing black folks? That’s where you lose me. So a presidential candidate, who isn’t black, happens to stand up and says, ‘all lives matter.’ Hillary Clinton who may probably get the democratic nomination, says ‘all lives matter’ and she has to come back and retract. So we mandate that they say, ‘black lives matter,’ but we’ve got black folks dying at the hands of black folks in this country, and we’re not hearing that. At least, we hadn’t been hearing that. Don’t get me started on the murders in Chicago.” He continued his rant, saying, “Black folks are killing black folks everyday, and we never heard ‘black lives matter.’ So, what are we saying? That black lives matter only when we’re killed by somebody who’s not black?”

Well, Smith’s accurate analysis of the situation has landed him square in the sights of those who hate their hypocrisy to be exposed. He’s been viciously attacked in the social media world – again — and has been referred to as an “Uncle Tom.”

How utterly predictable by the disingenuous black overseers of the modern liberal economic plantation to attack those who have escaped the grasp of “massa” progressive socialist. Funny, I still do not recall a single protest or mention of the death of little seven-year-old Amari Brown by any members of the race baiting hustler industry. After the 4th of July weekend in Chicago where ten were killed and 55 wounded, we heard not a peep about black lives matter – which is exactly Stephen A. Smith’s point. It’s a point that REALLY strikes a nerve, and that’s why it must be reiterated every time these chuckleheads open their mouths.

Lessons learned: all lives matter, O’Malley is weak, and black liberal progressive activists choose which lives matter — certainly not the almost 16 million black lives lost to abortions.

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