This photo of Obama is a NEW LOW, even for him

President Obama certainly gives us ample opportunity to cringe at his poor choice of responding to American tragedies, as we’ve reported on previously, most recently here and here.

But even for him, this photo from President Obama the other night is especially cringe-worthy. In fact, it’s enough to make your stomach turn and smoke come out of your ears.

As if going to a Democratic National Committee fundraiser and a Broadway show last weekend — after marking the end of Ramadan — weren’t enough, Twitchy brings us this:

js 1

Yes, just five days after five U.S. service members were killed by an Islamic terrorist — and the same day the White House, under pressure, finally lowered the flags to half mast — President Obama is yukking it up with John Stewart. For a man who is so hyperly “sensitive” to how others will perceive what he says and does — so much so that he doesn’t dare utter the terms “Muslim” and “terrorist” in the same breath, even when it’s so FLIPPIN’ OBVIOUS that’s what it is — how can he be so tone deaf?

Maybe someone should ask him about this — hey, media, how about it? Will anyone have the guts to ask our president directly what we’re all thinking? Perhaps another Major Garrett moment is in order…

js 2

But really, why would the president see anything wrong with going on a comedy show while the nation grieves five of its service members at the hands of a jihadist— not to mention grapples with the prospect of a strengthened, nuclear-powered Iran and the depravity of unborn baby parts being traded for luxury cars?

And I guess it’s understandable, with his busy schedule of important appearances such as this, that the president hasn’t found time to call the families of the slain servicemen or father of Kate Steinle. Gotta have priorities.

Just another day in Obama’s America.

In fact, President Obama looks like he’s having the time of his life. It brings to mind the expression — from poet and friend of the president, Maya Angelou: “When people show you who they are, believe them.” So true. President Obama has for years now been showing us who he truly is; when are more people going to start believing him?


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