Gun store owner bans Muslims, then this happens immediately

A Florida gun store owner has become the latest target of the Department of Justice.

In response to the Chattanooga shootings, Andy Hallinan, the owner of Florida Gun Supply in Inverness said he felt threatened by Muslims in his store and that it was his “right” to deny firearms and training to anyone he deems a threat.

As Hallinan says in his video, “I’m not going to be asking every person who walks in what their religious background is. That’s not my business, but I do have the right to deny firearms and training to anyone I deem as a threat.”

“I have a moral and legal responsibility to ensure the safety of all patriots in my community, and so effective immediately, I’m declaring Florida Gun Supply as a Muslim-free zone. I will not arm and train those who wish to do harm to my fellow patriots.”

“I’m not going to be asking every person who walks in what their religious background is. That’s not my business,” he told WFLA. “But I do have the right to deny firearms and training to anyone I deem as a threat.”

BizPac Review says critics have argued the ban will ultimately be deemed illegal, but Hallinan says he made the decision in an effort to fight back against political correctness.

“We are in battle, patriots, but not only with Islamic extremism,” he said. “We’re also in battle against extreme political correctness that threatens our lives, because if we can’t call evil, evil for fear of offending people, then we can’t really defeat our enemies.”

According to WFLA, the Department of Justice said it will be investigating the store for possible civil rights violations connected to its “Muslim-free” policy.

Predictably CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, called on the Justice Department to investigate possible federal civil rights violations by the Florida business. They also had their attorney, Jenifer Wicks, send a complaint to then Attorney General Eric Holder when another store owner, Jan Morgan, decided against arming Muslims.

This is not a coffee and donut shop,” Jan Morgan, owner of the Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range in Hot Springs, Ark., wrote in an online post, “This is a live fire indoor shooting range … Why would I want to rent or sell a gun and hand ammunition to someone who aligns himself with a religion that commands him to kill me?”

Morgan, who says she has “read and studied” the Koran thoroughly, found “109 verses commanding hate, murder and terror against all human beings who refuse to submit or convert to Islam.”

“People who shoot at my range come from all religious backgrounds,” she wrote. “I do not care about their religious beliefs until or unless those beliefs command them to commit violent crimes against innocent people and I witness those crimes increasing, as we all have lately.”

Morgan claims that when she received her license to sell guns, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives informed her “that if we feel ANY reason for concern about selling someone a firearm, even sense that something is not right about an individual, or if we are concerned about that [person’s] mental state, even if they pass a background check, we do not have to sell that person a gun. Two different ATF agents stressed that it is better to err on the side of caution. In other words, a federal agency has given [gun shops] discretion on firearms deals”

So you have a handful of gun shop owners who try to stand up for the lives stolen from us, taking some basic steps, using some common sense, and relying on their instincts to protect their communities, and what happens? They become public enemy number one and the subject of investigation by the Department of Justice, a government agency with unlimited resources, investigators, attorneys and one helluva agenda.

That’s the Obama administration for you. A Muslim extremist kills five American servicemen and the Pentagon tells unarmed recruiters to keep the office window blinds closed and have “casual Friday” every day.

Crazy old world, isn’t it?

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