Surprise?!! Some of Iran’s New $150 Billion Might Be Used For THIS

During today’s episode of “The Twilight Zone” (cue theme music, please) we learn the Obama administration’s goal during the Iran nuclear giveaway was actually never to curb Iran’s bad behavior. The goal was to maybe try to prevent Iran from lobbing nuclear bombs at the world, while it continues to engage in its usual “bad behavior” — which, in case you haven’t been following from the beginning, is diplomatic code speech for terrorism.

While Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is having a major “I told you so” moment, this episode’s star, Susan Rice, admits Iran probably will use some of the tons of cash it’ll receive in unfrozen assets to arm its military, create havoc in the Middle East — and, yes, fund terrorism.

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For months the Obama administration has argued the issue of Iran sponsoring terrorism around the world and the regime’s “bad behavior” are separate issues from their nuclear program. As part of the nuclear deal reached and announced by President Obama last week, Iran will have access to $150 billion in funds that were formerly frozen and unavailable to the regime. Critics of the plan have warned that a new influx of cash with little stipulation will allow Iran to use that money to further fund terrorism through Hezbollah and Hamas in the region and around the world. 

Up until now, the President and other White House officials have said “their hope” is that the Iranian regime will use the new cash to invest in it’s economy and people, rather than terrorism. 

White House press secretary Josh Earnest acknowledged Tuesday that the U.S. cannot proscribe how Iran chooses to spend the money it will get as sanctions are eased under a proposed nuclear deal.

But he said it was “common sense” to expect that the regime would use it to improve the ailing economy, rather than to step up funding for terrorism or destabilizing activities in the region.

“I do think that a common-sense look at what kind of pressure they’re reacting to indicates that their priority will be to use those [newly-available] resources to address the persistent economic problems in the country.” 

But late last week during an interview with CNN, White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice admitted Iran might use some of their new money to fund “bad behavior,” which is diplomatic code speech for terrorism. 

“We should expect that some portion of that money would go to the Iranian military and could potentially be used for the kinds of bad behavior that we’ve seen in the region up until now,” Rice said. 

So it’s just MORE of the same old “hope and change” foreign policy that’s been throwing the world into chaos for six years. Give in to Iran, the world’s most prolific state sponsor of terrorism and give them access to $150 billion in funds. Then, ignoring their long and solid history of bad behavior — including daily threats to America and Israel both leading up to and following the deal inking — HOPE they suddenly and miraculously become responsible, decent players on the world stage.  It’s a strategy even Rod Sterling couldn’t have dreamed up.

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