Watch what happens when people are asked to sign “White Privilege Tax” petition

Given how absurd things have gotten, the thought of a “white privilege tax” just isn’t that far-fetched these days, sad as that may be.

Even more sad is that, apparently, there are people who would actually support such a tax, as media analyst Mark Dice, learns in one of his “man on the street” experiments.

Watch what happens when Dice asked people in San Diego, California to sign a petition to support adding a one percent income tax on all white people to be redistributed to help “minority communities.”

[Given how crazy our country has become, we must stress again that the “white privilege tax” is — at this point, at least — not real. However, the reaction to it shows that it’s not out of the realm of possibility in these nutty times.]

This one exchange pretty much sums up the intent of the faux tax:

“We’re gonna take that silver spoon out of the white people’s mouth, we’re gonna put it back into yours. You guys deserve that,” Dice tells one black man. 

The man enthusiastically replies, “Appreciate it, man.”


Dice’s conclusion from his latest experiment?

So, minorities want to implement a clearly racist policy against whites in the name of fighting racism? Welcome to the hypocritical world of liberal double standards!

Indeed. Boy, are we in trouble.


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