Gay Baker Goes on INTENSE Rant About Christians…But It’s Not What You Think

We’ve reported previously on the outrageous treatment Christian bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein received at the hands of the state of Oregon — and the chilling implications this has for our established right to freedom of religion. And we all know that, sadly, their story is just one of many — representing what’s happening to other bakers, florists, photographers, pizza parlors and more, who are exercising their religious beliefs by refusing to serve gay weddings.

Amidst all the outcry from same-sex couples over Christian vendors who refuse to serve them, this rant from fellow gay and fellow baker Jesse Bartholomew takes the cake. You haven’t heard THIS before, and you must. Read on, and scroll down to see the video for yourself.

Via The Blaze:

A gay baker and chef has come out in support of Christian bakers who have come under fire for refusing to make same-sex wedding cakes, labeling those individuals and activists who are trying to force them to do so as ”Nazis” who are using “bullying” tactics.

Jesse Bartholomew uploaded a two-minute video to his Facebook page earlier this month, expressing his frustration with some of his fellow gays and lesbians who have gone after bakers who decline to make cakes for gay ceremonies.

The clip came just days after it was announced that Oregon bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweetcakes by Melissa, would be fined $135,000 for refusing to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.

“Hi guys, my name is Jesse and I bake wedding cakes for a living, and I cannot tell you how disgusted I am with my fellow gay and lesbian community — that they would stoop so low as to force someone to bake a cake for them who simply doesn’t agree with them,” Bartholomew said. “And before you can go and blame me and say that they have to — no, they don’t have to. They don’t have to bake a cake for you.”

In addition to defending freedom of religion, Bartholomew points out the insanity of wanting someone who doesn’t WANT to bake your wedding cake.

“Are you stupid? That is your personal piece of your wedding. Your guests eat that,” he said. “That cake is involved in your photos. That cake is taken in your mouth, and you eat it in your stomach.”

Bartholomew went on to accuse some of bulling — and worse.

“There’s no other bakers out there?” he rhetorically asked. “It’s plain and simple: you are bullying someone, you are forcing someone, you are being a Nazi and forcing someone to bake a damn wedding cake for you when there are hundreds of other gays and lesbians that would gladly have your business. Shame on you.”

Bartholomew raises an excellent — and often overlooked — point about the beauty of our free market. Guess what, you can — and, as Bartholomew argues, should — take your business elsewhere, to someone who WANTS it.

When I chose the vendors for my own wedding, a big factor was the chemistry I had with them, and sense of service they showed me. For such a momentous day, I didn’t want anyone or anything touching it that didn’t feel right. And, in most cases, these weren’t one-time interactions; with some vendors, it felt like we’d developed a relationship by the time the wedding day rolled around.

Granted, I’m not gay, but I can’t imagine the thought of FORCING someone to be a part of such a special occasion. Unless, of course, making a statement is more important than making that special day as joyous as it can possibly be.


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