WHAT?! After Chattanooga Shooting, Fox News’ Juan Williams Says He’s Baffled By THIS

Today, we have an opportunity to demonstrate — with total clarity — the addled and confused, convoluted illogic of a liberal thinker. I like Juan Williams and I enjoy hearing his point of view on Fox News, but today I just have to say, are you kidding me?

After yet another incident — when even one is too many — where members of our military were hunted down in cold blood by a deranged Muslim terrorist, Juan Williams STILL doesn’t understand why our military men and women need to be armed.

See for yourself, thanks to Breitbart:

On July 17–the day after Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez allegedly opened fire on a recruiting center and then a reserve center, gunning down four US Marines–Fox News’ Juan Williams said he is “baffled” by the push to end gun free zones in military recruiting centers.

He said the center which was targeted is in a “strip mall” and that changing the gun-free policy would mean people would be walking around with guns, which could lead to “workplace violence.” He also suggested it could create a situation where a simple “dispute in the parking lot” could escalate into armed confrontation.

Fox News Martha MacCallum countered Williams, by pointing out that this was a military recruiting center–regardless of where it was located–and that it why it was targeted.

Williams responded: “What we’re talking about Martha is, you’d be in favor of sort of the wild, wild west. Everybody has a gun on them as they’re walking around the mall? Not in my mall, I don’t want it.”

Mr. Williams, where do we even start with this one?  With the gun-free policy solidly in place on our military bases, people are already walking around with guns. Bad people.  The kind of people who DON’T CARE about the gun-free zone laws.

You must come to grips with the fact that criminals and Muslim terrorists don’t care about gun-free zone laws; they’re going to carry guns whereever they want. You must come to grips with the fact that, had a law-abiding citizen or one of the recruiters been armed, they might have stopped the killer in his tracks and prevented the deaths that occurred later. You must come to grips with the fact that putting our military personnel in harm’s way with no means to protect themselves is a disgrace. If I were a betting person, I’d put money on the fact that if your son had been sitting in that recruiters office crawling for his life on the floor, you’d be singing a different tune today.


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