SHAMEFUL: These Are the Lives That DON’T Matter to Liberals

I’m just amazed at the rallies and riots being conducted in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with all the signage donated by George Soros-backed groups shouting, “Marine Lives Matter.” Oops, sorry, I was daydreaming.

Back to reality folks, as I was driving around Dallas on Friday, I had three Fox News interviews — and yes, Fox News is real news, validated by Nielsen ratings. I noticed where we have armed guards. We have them at banks. We have them at jewelry stores. We have armed guards at the entrances to some gated communities. But somehow we don’t feel the need to have armed guards at military reserve component centers and facilities. So what is it that we truly treasure in America?

Celebrities have armed guards, but sadly, the U.S. Navy Support Operations center in Chattanooga — where the greatest treasure of America was — did not. And even on our active duty military installations, our greatest treasure are not allowed to be armed and defend themselves. If you visit most of our military installations, you’ll find civilian contracted police, not military police or security police. There on these military installations are the men and women who guard our freedoms. There on these installations are their families, their children. This is supposed to be the place where warriors can lay down their shield and be safe.

However, in this new global Islamic jihadist environment, that’s no longer the case. We have an enemy that admonishes its crazed followers to attack our men and women in uniform here in America, and what’s the response? We have civilian officials who are reticent to say to these gladiators: pick up your spear, sword and shield and protect thyself. Instead, we play some politically correct game with those lives which should matter the most. We’ve become more concerned and guarded over the feelings and sensibilities of the enemy and those who seek to shelter these barbarians within our society. This is done all to the expense of the lives which should matter the most — the America Spartans.

See, the liberal progressive left are not out rioting in droves, because these lives do not matter to them. The leftists actually harbor angst and disdain for these brave men and women. The liberal progressive left would much rather celebrate and support rioting over folks like Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Freddie Gray — all who were guilty of crimes. Or the progressive left and their media allies elevate situations where there is political gain and present faux narratives — such as a Confederate flag — in order to distract from real issues.

I hate to say this, but will the Islamic jihadist attack in Chattanooga even survive the weekend news cycle? If it’s up to the left, it won’t — why, because they don’t want to be forced into recognizing the truth. Words such as lone gunman, senseless violence, heartbreaking — this is what we’ve heard from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. No outrage, no indignation. Because, in truth, these lives — the lives of these Marines — just don’t matter. And we even consider these type of individuals to be Commander-in-Chief? Barack Obama’s had ample time to rectify the situation of our men and women in the military protecting themselves; there’ve been quite a few opportunities for him to do so. He could start by referring to militant Islamic jihadism and call the Ft. Hood terrorist attack what it is — not “workplace violence.”

But this past week, it was not just the lives of the Marines that we see don’t matter to the liberal progressive left. We saw the truly sickening video of a woman sipping wine and eating salad, discussing dismemberment of babies. Yes, that’s what she was describing, cutting up, crushing babies — a “seventeen weeker” — as she said. No one put words in her mouth, but the callous disregard for lives that should matter was evident.

I remember the movie “Soylent Green” with Edward G. Robinson and Charleton Heston. Never in my life would I have believed I’d live in an America where life had such little meaning. And to think there are folks angry about this, not at Planned Parenthood — all you have to do is read the thoughts of the founder, Margaret Sanger — they’re angry they got caught. Planned Parenthood President apologized about the tone of the doctor — not the practice. And please, CBS’ “60 Minutes” never did anything like using undercover journalists?

This is the modern day liberal progressive movement. These are the people who seem to believe they can select which lives matter — and this week, their actions speak much louder than any words.

ISIS-supporting jihadists attacked an Egyptian naval vessel. Boko Haram just executed several suicide bombings, resulting in the deaths of some 64 individuals. Chaldean Christians are being held up for entrance into America in the State of California as Governor Jerry Brown just opened up his state to illegal immigrants. And the left, namely President Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Johnson, have had little to nothing to say about the death of Kathryn Steinle — gunned down by an illegal immigrant in a sanctuary city.

These are not the lives that matter to the liberal progressive left. The horrific thing is we do a terrible job of calling them out on this. We do not go on the attack and condemn them for who they are, and shame those who subscribe to this hypocritical ideology. Well, not here. The progressive socialists who OWN the Democrat party aren’t willing to uphold the highest values and virtues of our constitutional republic, clearly the first unalienable right of the individual — life. This is an ideology, a belief system, that evidences some sick manmade god complex, believing they determine what lives matter — who lives, who dies and when.

And to think, President Obama showed indignation when questioned about the lives of four Americans being held hostage — oops, the State Department negotiator said we shouldn’t refer to them as hostages. There we go, Obama and this woman determined their lives don’t matter. And Obama’s consenting to an agreement with Iran evidences his little concern over the blood and lives of thousands of Americans lost at the hands of the militant Islamic regime led by the crazed clerics.

These events — Iranian nuclear agreement, Planned Parenthood dismemberment, and the deaths of four U.S. Marines — are disconcerting in and of themselves. Taken as a whole ,they disturbingly give us a window into the psyche of the liberal progressive socialist mind. And the lives which they feel do not matter.

And who of you wants to vote for one of them?


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