WHOA: Music Legend Comes Down HARD on Obama for Chattanooga Shooting

In the wake of yesterday’s terrorist attack that killed four unarmed Marines at military facility, a ever-louder chorus of voices is demanding important and immediate changes to prevent this type of attack from happening yet again.

The most tangible change, of course, is getting rid of the policy that keeps our troops unarmed on their home base.

But there’s another culprit of a more insidious nature that’s increasingly being called out: the environment of political correctness that so many on the left, including our president, seem to put above all else — including common sense and  lives.

Today, music legend Charlie Daniels — who now makes his home in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee — added his strong voice to the chants.

As Western Journalism reports:

One of America’s most famous country rock musicians excoriated President Obama for how he reacted publicly after what many believe to have been a terrorist attack in Chattanooga, Tenn., that left four Marines dead Thursday — a mass murder allegedly committed by a lone shooter.

Charlie Daniels, known for “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” and “This Ain’t No Rag, It’s a Flag,” took to Twitter Friday to share his thoughts on the shooting:


charlie 2

Could that last Tweet be in reference to the other Very Bad News of the week — our president’s Very Bad Deal with none other than Iran, the leading sponsor of Islamic terrorism?

Once again, there’s something about Twitter’s brevity that just cuts beautifully to the chase. And, once again, how refreshing to hear a message so completely stripped of political correctness that the actual truth of the matter is laid bare. Can you imagine how much better we might actually be able to ADDRESS these problems if we can actually SEE them clearly, without the obfuscation of political correctness? (Perhaps that obfuscation is actually all part of the plan, but that’s another story…)

Could it be that messages like Daniels’, coupled with the popularity of messages like Donald Trump’s, indicate we’ve reached a tipping point in this country — where enough Americans are saying ENOUGH to hyper political correctness? I sincerely hope so… and that we can turn this tide before this insidious force destroys our country from the inside out.


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