The Two Groups of People That are Painfully Silent About Iran Deal

It’s always interesting to listen for who’s NOT talking or making comments on certain issues. Such is the case with the recently announced nuclear agreement signed with Iran. I find it rather perplexing that two specific groups are not very vocal in disagreement; matter of fact, they’ve been abjectly silent.

One of those groups are the secular humanists, who are so vehement about removing any reference to God and Biblical scriptures from our public space. These are the folks who are just so offended by the open display of the Ten Commandments. You have to ask, do they think it’s cool to sign agreements with a country run by religious clerics?

Yep, Iran’s a theocracy, so why isn’t the Freedom from Religion Foundation out of Madison, Wisconsin protesting that we’ve engaged with a nation that doesn’t adhere to the separation of church (mosque) and state? After all, one of the liberal progressive knocks on former Arkansas Governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is that he’s an ordained Baptist. So why would we want to secure a major foreign policy agreement with Iran, with the Ayatollah Khamenei? And Hasan Rouhani, Iran’s president, walks around dressed in some Rasputin-like garb, and was basically appointed by the crazed clerics of Iran. I know, perhaps if Iran were led by a group of Southern Baptist Christian fundamentalists we wouldn’t have to be worried about a nuclear agreement. Heck, I bet President Obama would’ve bombed the heck out of them as opposed to entering into an agreement.

It does appear that the secular humanist progressive left doesn’t wish to offend Muslims in Iran, or in America for that matter. I’ve not found them confronting any issues pertaining to Sharia Law — which is religious-based jurisprudence. One of the main reasons why there should’ve NEVER been a nuclear agreement with Iran is because it’s a theocracy and its regime is based upon religious dogma — not western civilizational values. The lack of protest from the secular humanist left just confirms what we all know to be true — their angst is only directed towards the Judeo-Christian faith heritage.

The other group which has been quite silent is the militant gay left. Now, you’d think a country like Iran — major violator of human rights, where gays and lesbians are sentenced to hanging — would draw the ire of the children of the rainbow flag. Alas, we hear only crickets. Now maybe if Iran refused to bake cakes, take portraits, provide floral arrangements and make pizza for same-sex weddings, the gay community would be furious — nah. However, if you’re someone that would dare do any of those absolutely life-threatening and heinous actions, the gay community will issue death threats, ruin your business — and in the case of the Kleins in Oregon, demand the censoring of your free speech and have the State fine you. But hanging gays and lesbians, that seems cool — and let’s just go ahead and make sure we release billions of dollars to these mad mullahs so they can promulgate more Islamic terrorism.

There’s only one simple deduction. The secular humanists and radical gay left are true cowards. They find it easy to attack and assault Christians because they don’t believe there will be a confrontation. These groups have not the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the real enemy. Heck, when was the last time you heard the gay community speak out against ISIS — God knows those barbarians have provided plenty of reason to do so. Or when have the secular humanist left taken to the streets and Internet to protest Islamic jihadism?

Do not hold your breath, folks, because they just never will. And so the hypocrisy is laughable, matter of fact, those of us who will stand up to ISIS, Islamic jihadists and Iran, are castigated by these groups as “Islamophobes.” These are members of the far left progressive movement who DEMAND we “coexist” with those who refuse to serve gays and lesbians.

Just ask yourself, when will some same-sex couple go into Dearborn, Michigan and demand a cake be prepared for their nuptials? Or maybe traipse down into the Somali community in Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota and search out a florist? Nope, not happening.

Funny thing, wonder if Iran’s Al Quds force or Revolutionary Guards will allow gays or transgendered individuals to openly serve?

This is why I’m issuing a hypocrisy alert. And please, spare me the “there is no moral comparison” argument. It seems anytime President Obama wants to water down Islamic jihadism, he makes moral equivalency statements, like telling Christians about the Crusades.

Let’s all be honest here. President Barack Obama has made a major nuclear agreement with a country that’s completely inconsistent with the values the left proclaims to hold so dear that they demonize anyone who holds different ones — namely, Christians. Yes, I know, Obama’s your guy, so he gets that provincial get-out-of-jail free card.

But on the day when Iran becomes a major regional hegemonic power and part of an axis with Russia and China — I will not say, I told you so.

I will tell you to get out of my way so I can save your sad and pathetic arse.


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