Tweet About Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts PERFECTLY Sums Up Liberalism

By now, you’ve likely heard the horrifying revelation that Planned Parenthood is not just in the business of abortions — it’s also a broker of baby body parts. (If you’re catching up on your news today, get the details here.)

Like a picture, so often worth a thousand words, so too can a Tweet’s 140 characters or less often cut right to the heart of the matter. Such is the case with this Tweet from Remy M, which sums up the blatant hypocrisy of liberalism :

trans fats

This response from Bella cuts closer still.

duck fat


Yes, to a liberal it makes perfect sense to ban duck liver because of treatment deemed inhumane, yet perfectly reasonable to tear apart an unborn baby’s limbs for sale to put up for sale. #LiberalLogic

Sometimes, there are no words.


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