Obama’s America: While Illegal Aliens Run Free, Look What’s Happening to CHRISTIANS

We’re dealing with the issue of sanctuary cities, whereby illegal immigrants are allowed to freely stay in America. We also have the Obama administration resettling countless Muslims from Middle East countries. This is a very dangerous game of musical chairs, and guess who’s being left standing — or, better put, out in the cold.

As reported by Jihad Watch:

Despite having family members to sponsor them, a group of 20 Chaldean Christians who fled ISIS have been detained for over four months at the Otay Detention Facility in San Diego. The large Chaldean community in Southern California are unhappy with the unexplained delays and are demanding their release. 

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) claim they are undermanned and face a backlog of cases but have offered little to the media about the prolonged detention of the Chaldean 20. 

Mark Arabo, an activist and spokesmen for the local Chaldean community says, “What we do know is that they are being held without a real reason.” 

Arabo has pleaded with the highest levels of government demanding action for the group being held. 

“We are protesting, we are talking to the State Department, and the White House and Congress, and we are putting pressure to make sure they release these twenty people,” he declared to Al Jazeera. Arabo believes the excuses from immigration officials about indefinitely detaining them for bureaucratic reasons is “hard to believe.” 

Arabo pointed out that the men and women in detention have been held too long even by the government’s own standards. The vast majority of foreign nationals detained or arrested by ICE are released under some form of supervision, according to their own statement.

So let me get this straight. Obama releases 3,700 criminal illegal immigrants and there are some 8,000 criminal illegal immigrants roaming free because of sanctuary cities, but ICE is holding 20 Christian Chaldeans who have family here. Doggone, they would’ve been better off going through Mexico and entering the country illegally. There’s no explanation for this — especially when the Obama administration is working overtime to release hundreds and thousands of Muslims into the United States.

This hypocrisy is inconceivable and inexplicable, but we all know the White House spin doctor extraordinaire Josh Earnest can excuse anything away. He’s been doing a really good job trying to explain that a deal with Iran’s the best way to keep them from attaining nuclear weapon capability — yeah, right.

Faith McDonnell, director of religious liberty at the Institute on Religion & Democracy, told The Christian Post the detainment is “a disturbing pattern” by the State Department.

The fact that these asylum seekers are Christians and not Muslim and potential members of ISIS or some other jihadist group (which, of course, we don’t discuss, anyway) does not make the “processing” any easier,” declared McDonnell. 

This follows the disturbing pattern that we have seen from the State Department of ignoring the particular targeting of Christians by ISIS,” said McDonnell, “while giving preferential treatment for asylum to other groups with expedited processing — like Somalis, Iraqis, and Syrians, some of whom could very well be members of jihadist movements.

What’s the real reason behind this disparate treatment of persecuted Christians from the area? It was just last week, while speaking at the Pentagon, that President Obama made the case that Islamic jihadists are killing Muslims, too. It’s as if he must make the moral equivalency statement in order to justify certain actions to himself — because we of thinking minds aren’t buying it at all.

Hey, I have an idea. Let’s spread the rumor that many ISIS fighters are descendants of Confederate soldiers and have been seen with Confederate flags in Raqqa and Mosul. That may just be the ticket to get the liberal progressive left to turn their angst against ISIS and the proliferation of jihadist groups populating the globe like locusts.

The number of Christians who’ve fled Iraq just since the rise of ISIS is estimated at well over 100,000. In March of this year, the Chaldean Patriarch of Iraq, Raphael Louis Sako, testified at the United Nations Security Council saying, “The Islamic extremists groups refuse to live with non-Muslims. Iraqi Archbishop Bashar Warda has stated publicly that the only way to preserve Christianity in Iraq is to defeat ISIS militarily.”

I’m just looking for any Obama supporter to explain to us all why 20 Christian Chaldeans are being delayed, while last summer we watched an incredible influx of illegal immigrant women and children — not to mention teenaged boys with gang affiliations. I’d like an explanation for the Obama administration’s detestable treatment of Christian refugees from the most vile and despicable genocide since Rwanda.

What does it take for Christians to get equal treatment? We know the progressive left is so into equality — then again, that’s only for their politically acceptable agendas. It’s evident that the plight of these Chaldean Christians who have an accepting community and family members does not register comment from President Obama. This is consistent with his lack of comment on the tragic and unnecessary death of young Kathyrn Steinle. Why has Obama been so silent on her death from a criminal illegal immigrant?

There’s only one deduction and that is the lives that matter to the left, to Barack Obama, are only those lives that can be leveraged for political gain. The delay and detention of these twenty Chaldeans. The death of Kate Steinle. The death of little seven-year-old Amari Brown. These lives mean little to a president who cares only about his agenda. On the other hand, Trayvon Martin could’ve been Obama’s son. Michael Brown and Freddie Gray had Obama administration representatives attend their funerals. President Obama found the time to attend the funeral of Pastor Clementa Pinckney and sing “Amazing Grace.”

Where is his grace when it comes to these Christians who have indeed endured hell — at the hands of his Jayvee team?


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