Thanks to Obama’s INSIDIOUS Comments, We Now Have to Ask the French for Help…

I’m forced to announce something very difficult for me — and no, it’s not that I’m a closet liberal progressive. I’m actually a classical liberal, today’s modern conservative. I’ve no clue what these folks calling themselves liberals today think they are! What I must admit is actually this: the true power of a nation is not embodied in its Army — it’s in its Navy, its maritime force.

This is a lesson well known since the days of the Phoenicians. And what truly made Rome a power was not the power of its Legions; though that would crush their opposition, it was as a result of the Punic Wars with Carthage that Rome realized the power of the sea. The maritime force is not just for military purposes, but also for commerce and trade. Recall the greatness of the Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish and British, as they all recognized how great maritime strength promoted their global hegemonic expansion and economic growth.

American President Theodore Roosevelt embraced the belief in maritime dominance, launching the “Great White Fleet” as part of his manifest destiny vision for America. We saw the Axis powers of Germany and Japan heavily invest in their naval forces. And prior to 9/11, the greatest assault on America came at the hands of the Japanese maritime forces; we made a dedicated effort to kill their great leader, Admiral Yamamoto.

Just so y’all know, our U.S. Navy is being decimated to a 1917 levels. I suppose the progressive socialists of the Obama administration, led by Admiral Valerie Jarrett, believe the oceans are rising as well as shrinking. During the Reagan administration, the U.S. had some 575 naval warships. Today, America’s navy is hovering around 280 vessels, with a goal to reduce our Navy to 230 ships. Now, let me tell you how dire the situation is: the current carrier battle group (CVBG) in the Middle East will have to rotate out — we don’t have a replacement CVBG. So the United States of America will be asking a French CVBG to cover our pulling the current one back to home station before we can deploy a replacement.

OK, so why does all this matter? Well, last week we shared with you the issue of China selling three submarines to Thailand. If you’ve been paying attention — probably so if you’re a Constitutional conservative as opposed to a liberal progressive socialist — you’re aware that China has developed a sophisticated “carrier killer” missile system. And they’re not the only threat.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon:

The Russian Navy is investing in two new submarines, one of which is being described by the head of Russia’s state-owned shipbuilding corporation as a “carrier killer,” according to the independent Moscow Times

The second boat would be designed to protect Russian ballistic submarines from enemy attack. 

The announcement continues an active period in Russian submarine development.  Following the 1991 breakup of the Soviet Union, the Russian Navy, like the country’s other military services, went into decline as resources were stripped away by a collapsing economy, poor morale, and inept leadership. 

Vladimir Putin ran for the Russian presidency in 2012 on the promise of rebuilding the Russian military. The Navy’s building program is part of Putin’s broader $356 billion military upgrade program, intended to run through 2020, according to the report. 

In 2013 new fourth-generation class submarines were deployed by Moscow: the Borei, which carries ballistic missiles capable of striking intercontinental targets, and the Yasen-class attack boat.  Both submarines are significant upgrades to previous, Soviet-era counterparts.

According to Anatoly Shlemov, the head of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, the new fifth generation submarines will be similar in overall configuration but will have different armaments. 

Shlemov says the main purpose of one of the new submarines will be “to protect the groups of ballistic missile submarines and do battle with enemy submarines.” He is describing what Western experts call attack submarines.

Just so you know, we have one — at most, two — U.S. Navy vessel in the Black Sea, a cruiser, as our response to Putin’s foray into Crimea and Ukraine. But what’s quite telling is that as our Commander-in-Chief Obama is focused on transgendered and gays in the military, as well as women in the Rangers and Navy SEALS, China and Russia are dedicated to building their naval forces. We also know that Russia and China have signed economic agreements — meaning, they’re seeking ways to be mutually supportive against what they see as a prevailing weakness and opportunity to exploit America.

This isn’t about seeking to engage in a new global conflagration — which, in many ways, due to the global Islamic jihad we already are — rather, this is about having a defense strategy of “peace through strength.” That means our national security and foreign policy is based upon a deterrent military force. It means having the capability and capacity to project power, not forward deploy it, into critical regions using a maritime force base. And when it comes to joint interoperability, let me clearly state: in the history of American military operations, it’s the U.S. Army that’s had more amphibious landings. Also, recall the potential invasion of Haiti, it was the U.S. Army 10th Mountain Division that was loaded onto a U.S. Navy carrier for the operation.

There’s a reason why Japan’s seeking to change its constitution to declare its military to be used only as a “self-defense” force. They’re watching Chinese naval growth, threats to the Senkaku Islands, Japanese territory — and we’ve read the reports of the Chinese building islands in the South China Sea and emplacing military weaponry.

At such a critical time for our nation, we have a president who’s eroding our maritime forces — and decimating our land forces. Imagine if after the First Punic War the Romans decided to reduce its legions and navy. Hannibal would not just have made it to the gates of Rome; he would’ve entered. And the Romans never would’ve been able to launch their operation to Carthage in the Second Punic War to end the Carthaginian threat. The Spartans were fierce ground fighters, but weren’t known for their seagoing ability — the Athenians were.

The Obama administration’s defense policies are inconsistent with history’s lessons, and we know those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. It appears Obama is neither a constitutional scholar, nor a student of history — unless, of course, it’s the history of Marxist/socialist theory. He doggone sure has that down!

However, Russia’s and China’s strategies are evident, as the Washington Free Beacon writes:

Russia’s strategy has similar features to the area denial strategy being pursued by the Chinese military, which also views US aircraft carriers as a perennial threat to its efforts to control much of the South China Sea. Russia, unlike China, appears to have no plans to develop its aircraft carrier capability for force projection.

Remember the whole objective of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was to defeat the U.S. Pacific fleet — mainly our carriers and battleships — to prevent our influence in the Pacific as they sought expansion. In the 2012 presidential debate on national security and foreign policy, Obama attacked Mitt Romney’s assertion that Russia was our #1 geopolitical threat, stating that “the 80s was calling to ask for its foreign policy back” and that “the Cold War has been over for 20 years.”

Well, thanks to insidious statements such as that and Obama’s reelection, the Cold War is back and in a big way. Now we know what Obama’s “more flexibility” after the election meant.

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