AWESOME: Look Who Rambo Will Be Fighting in His Next Movie

Many of us have been frustrated (to say the least) by President Obama’s admitted lack of strategy — and apparent lack of interest — in fighting one of the globe’s gravest current threats: ISIS. While our president cuts our troops but throws LGBT pride parties at the White House — and much of our country remains in a tizzy about flags and Donald Trump — ISIS continues to expand its influence and grow in strength.

It’s enough to make one wish for an alternate universe, where someone was actually DOING SOMETHING to fight ISIS!

Which is why I have to admit I was kinda tickled to hear that none other than Rambo will be taking ISIS on in his next movie.

As Daily Mail reports:

Sylvester Stallone is set to take on ISIS with the next Rambo movie, the Hollywood legend has revealed.

The fifth installment about troubled Vietnam War veteran John Rambo will see him fight ‘global terrorism’ in the Middle East.

According to Stallone, who is writing the script as well as repeating his role as Rambo, his production team is already scouting for locations in ‘ISIS strongholds’ in Syria and Iraq.

The 68-year-old actor made the revelations during an unannounced appearance at San Diego Comic-Con last week to promote the next Rocky movie.

During a Q&A session about Creed, the upcoming film which sees Stallone repeat the role of Rocky Balboa for a seventh time, a fan interrupted with a question about Rambo V. 

‘We have teams scouting Iraq and parts of Syria where ISIS have their greatest strongholds. We’re working with the locals there to help deliver the most intense and realistic Rambo movie experience ever.’ 

Although several members of the audience tried to ask follow-up questions, the actor refused to divulge any further information about the film, which has the working title ‘Rambo: Last Blood’.

Perhaps Obama can get some tips on how to fight an enemy that requires fighting with weapons, not just words. Yeah, I know, I realize how sad things have gotten when we have to look to Hollywood to focus on fighting one of the biggest threats to our security, as our “real” leaders do nothing. At the very least, maybe Rambo’s plans to fight ISIS will spur Obama into SOME kind of action; we know how much our president hates to be upstaged.


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