AFL-CIO Says “Scott Walker is a National Disgrace,” Backfires BIG TIME

Newly-announced presidential candidate Scott Walker has been spanking the unions for years, so it’s no surprise that AFL-CIO president Richard Trumpka isn’t going to be the first donor to Walker’s campaign.

Even so, Trumka’s statement on Scott Walker’s announcement today that he will be seeking the GOP nomination for president is pretty pathetic.

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As our friends at Weasel Zippers point out, it only took four AFL-CIO workers five hours to draft the statement (which is efficient by union standards). Ha!

Why is Richard Trumpka so upset Scott Walker is running for president?  Maybe he’s afraid that a President Walker would put an end to the gravy train that’s been supporting unions for years?

In that case, Trumpka certainly has good reason to worry. Since taking office in 2011, Walker has rolled back public-sector collective-bargaining rules, made Wisconsin a right-to-work state that no longer requires workers to pay mandatory union dues, and spoken out against the minimum wage. Further enraging public-sector unions, Walker has repeatedly touted these accomplishments as proof of why he should be president — even suggesting that the qualities that have enable to take on the union bad boys also qualify him to take on the Islamic State.

Sorry Richard, but referring to Governor Walker as a “national disgrace” is pretty hysterical. You must have a different definition of “disgrace” than I do. Let’s remember how union members acted in Walker’s home state of Wisconsin and then talk disgraceful.  As reported by the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal, union members acted like spoiled rotten brats, destroying property and trashing the capital while their daddy looked on with approval.

At any rate, if Richard Trumpka’s against it — then I’M FOR IT. And the comments left in response to Trumpka’s little tweet show that I’m not alone.

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