You MUST hear Kid Rock’s epic response to Al Sharpton’s demands to ditch Confederate flag

These days, with the First Amendment under attack as it is, I’m always especially delighted to see someone exercise this precious right. Even more so when his or her voice runs contrary to the prevailing, overwrought PC chorus about the outrage du jour (yep, we’re still thrashing about an historical relic, perhaps with a bit of criminal alien mixed in).

And when freedom of expression is aimed at Al Sharpton’s hot air, that’s just EXTRA special.

So you can see why I was especially tickled to see Kid Rock’s response to Al Sharpton’s demands.

Via Top Right News:

Yesterday, Top Right News reported on how Al Sharpton’s National Action Network demanded that the Dixie-loving star Kid Rock stop using the Confederate battle flag in his personal life and performances, or face a “national boycott and protest movement.”

Well it did not take long for the so-called “Reverend” to get a response.

As FoxNews‘ Megyn Kelly covered the topic on her show last night with radio host Dana Loesch, Kid Rock released a statement to Kelly to read on the air.

Megyn first reminded viewers how Kid Rock likely has done more to support Detroit than any other artist through a charitable foundation, and how ridiculous it was to call the rocker a racist given that he had a half-Black son, Bobby Jr.

Quick shout-out to Megyn for pointing out Sharpton’s hypocrisy — in rarer form than normal given his calling out as racist a man with a son as black as our first “black” president!

Then she read his response on the air, “modifying” it for a family audience:

“Please Tell The People Who Are Protesting to ‘Kiss My . . . ask me some questions.’”

Brilliant. Classic Kid Rock. Take that, Sharpton.

My thoughts exactly. Go, Kid Rock!


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