What the left just did to this 12-year-old is REPULSIVE

It’s the great hypocrisy of our time. White liberal progressives run around and decry racism — all for their manipulated political purpose. The current target of their inane ranting is the Confederate flag. However, when one truly analyzes intolerance and racist actions, it’s clear the liberal left is the real perpetrator. And the most recent example is absolutely appalling.

As reported at The Examiner:

On Friday, CJ Pearson, a 12-year-old Georgia conservative who made news with a viral video questioning President Obama’s love of the United States, announced on Facebook

 that he and his family had been the target of threats on Twitter. Pearson told Examiner that he’s physically okay, but is “distraught” from the threat. 

“I had a horribly rough night on Twitter after a woman not only threatened to sue me for expressing my opinions but threatened my family,” he said. “At this point, I’ve decided that it’s best for me to take a step back and evaluate all of my options before continuing down this path.” 

“In the meantime, I do have a team that will be monitoring my social networks while I take some time to spend with my family,” he added. “Please keep me in your prayers.”

As you know, I’m a Georgian and we’ve featured young CJ on this website. I’m proud of this young man for speaking up. I’m proud he realizes his skin color doesn’t define his principles, perspectives and insights. I’m proud he realizes he doesn’t have to be part of a collective; rather, that he has the God-given right to independently think and the freedom of speech to articulate those thoughts. What disgusts me is the incessant actions of the intolerant left that targets conservatives — especially minority conservatives. So where’s all the condemnation from the liberal progressive media? I can surely attest that it wasn’t a Confederate flag that sent hateful messages to this 12-year old young black conservative.

Now, just imagine if there was some 12-year-old liberal black fella attacked on social media for his views. Yep, this would be running 24/7 and we’d be bombarded with outrage about racism. Why not in this case? Simple, because for the liberal left, it’s open season on minority conservatives; you’re free to say anything and make all the personal and disparaging attacks you wish. Why? Because it’s the left’s punishment for not staying on their economic plantation. It’s minority conservatives’ cross to bear because they unplugged from the Matrix, and the sentinels are dispatched to destroy them.

Consider the recent comments of former ‘Star Trek’ actor and gay activist George Takei about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Takei called Justice Thomas a “clown in blackface.” Hmm, anything from the liberal media? Nah, just crickets. But young CJ Pearson made a video statement condemning Takei. I recall a maxim from the Bible that says, “suffer the little children that they shall come unto me.” I say, “and a child shall lead them.”

The Examiner writes:

The messages come from an individual using the twitter handle “Mona Hussein Obama,” which clearly appears to be a fake name. The account goes by the name @MonaB2010, and as of this writing, is protected. “Obama” says she is “left to the left of Dems/libs.” The account also notes: “I abuse and block all GOP/KKK/Teabaggers.

Apparently, abuse is what she had in mind Thursday night. In one tweet, she told Pearson: “[A]ll your supporters are RWNJs … Racist Teabagger southern cons. I pray your fam is next to be killed.” 

In another tweet, she told Pearson that the GOP needed to “denounce” him if he wasn’t an official. “Otherwise,” Obama said, “we go for the lawsuit.” She also told Pearson she would file a lawsuit on Tuesday.”

If you haven’t realized it, the term “Teabagger” is not a very complimentary one — it’s actually a derogatory term for a sexual act. But this is the depraved level of discourse advocated and advanced by the liberal left. I believe once upon a time, President Obama used terms such as, “punish your enemies” — and rather than ISIS, Obama was referring to political enemies. He also admonished his faithful to, “get in their face, and do not bring a knife to a gunfight.” Now, of course, if anyone says anything against the liberal progressive left, they go apoplectic and cry hurt — cry racism if you’re speaking of Obama. Yet, a young 12-year-old conservative black and his family receives a death threat. Emotional affect? Yes, I’d say so.

CJ, I just want to extend my prayers to you and your family. I want you to know that we’re inspired by your courage and resolve. We’ll stand and protect you from these so-called “adults” who would attack you, a young American, the future of our republic. Take time to gather your thoughts and just love on your family. We press on, and we shall not allow the intolerant liberal progressive left to use the tactics of fear, intimidation and coercion to force you into silence. That’s their Alinskyite way, the rules for radicals. Unfortunately, just as you saw on the History Channel’s “Sons of Liberty,” we the courageous, patriotic descendants of those brave men and women who stood, sacrificed and fought will do so today against tyranny. Back then, it was against the British empire and monarchy. Today, we stand against the liberal progressive socialists of the left. Their ugliness shall not deter us from ensuring we secure your future and an even more exceptional America.

We will not be defeated nor deterred from our goal, the restoration of this constitutional republic. And for me personally, CJ, you inspire me to press on and fight against the liberal left. Our cause is noble, right and just. No one, not Mona Hussein Obama or their ilk, will turn us from the blessings of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, those unalienable rights bestowed upon us by our Creator — not man.

CJ, read Isaiah 54:17, and be encouraged.

Steadfast and loyal.

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