The most SHOCKING thing about Trump’s comments isn’t the part about Mexicans

He resonates. He is “The Donald,” and his light — no matter what you think or believe — shines brighter than the rest. He is larger than life. You dare him to tell you how rich he is, and he says, “I am rich. I AM VERY RICH” — and then he shows you just how rich. Bling! Yes, he’s really rich.

When the pundits claim he’s not really running, one can almost envision their fingers crossed behind their backs. Then, the companies weigh in and drop his products. Ah, who wants to shop Macy’s anyway? There are sooooooo many other retailers, I can get what I want elsewhere — Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Amazon, etc. — and probably better quality at that. I’m not particular — except when companies do something I don’t like.

The pundits angrily refer to him as the “clown,” the “side show,” arguing he will ruin the debates. They seem to be saying, “Donald, we want only your money — not you!”

Not that he needs anyone to defend him, because when The Donald punches back, he punches HARD — with a precise uppercut.

But, wait a minute, what’s happening here? The truth is, Trump’s not only resonating; he’s defining the GOP race. Consequently, he driving the multitudes to not only come out from under the covers and define themselves, but also show the public where they are coming from. Let me explain:

Trump releases a financial statement, along with his announcement. Jeb Bush, not to be outdone, follows by releasing the past several decades of his tax returns — as if to say, so THERE!

Then candidate Trump says something about Mexican illegal immigrants. Other candidates then race to podiums across the United States to make sure you know THEY don’t agree with Trump’s comments; Mexicans come to this country illegally for L-O-V-E — and that through this penchant, they have an above-average ability to procreate and populate the country with little GOPs. (Look it up — I couldn’t make this up if I tried.) The pack of 15+ want you to know unequivocally how inartful Trump is and demand his apology, to avoid isolating Hispanics. PLEASE don’t think all of us GOP candidates think the way Trump does, they say, while they all search on to find a drop of Mexican blood in their lineage!

Some are even claiming Trump’s comments unleashed the “Latino Spring” — an unfortunate reference, considering the lack of success of the “Arab Spring.”

First of all, let me say the rush to love on Mexicans because of Trump’s comments is, in and of itself, racist. Sorry, Hispanics shouldn’t be lumped together as one any more than any other group. In other words, the people Trump referenced do not represent ALL Mexicans.

Secondly, within the diverse population of Mexicans, we find truth to Trump’s comments.

The article Trump referred to, regarding rape, was authored by left-leaning website, Fusion. I visit the site regularly to get an unvarnished view of the immigration problem. As Fusion reports:

Before they can reach the American Dream, many migrant women have to survive a Mexican nightmare. A staggering 80 percent of Central American girls and women crossing Mexico en route to the United States are raped along the way, according to directors of migrant shelters interviewed by Fusion.

That’s up from previous reports by non-profit organizations like Amnesty International that estimate the number at 60 percent.

“Women and girl migrants, especially those without legal status traveling in remote areas or on trains, are at heightened risk of sexual violence at the hands of criminal gangs, people traffickers, other migrants or corrupt officials,” the 2010 Amnesty International report stated. “…Many criminal gangs appear to use sexual violence as part of the “price” demanded of migrants. According to some experts, the prevalence of rape is such that people smugglers may require women to have a contraceptive injection prior to the journey as a precaution…”

Say it ain’t so, Angela. But yes, unfortunately it is.

And what about that picturesque little Mexican town of Tenancingo, Tlaxcala — where little boys dream of growing up to be pimps and send sex slaves to New York City?

Finally, what about the case of Francisco Sanchez, a seven-time convicted felon, who’s admitted to fatally shooting a woman on a San Francisco pier — and having chosen San Francisco because of its sanctuary law?

Oh yeah, the left’s trying to turn that little peccadillo into a question of how Sanchez got a gun. As if he’d be sure to get a gun legally, given his seven prior felonies. Can’t hold a guy back for those little things, right?

I think those who knee-jerked this one will live to regret it. Anytime the pack runs in one direction too quickly and the tsunami is not coming your way, you should question the direction. The American people aren’t going to vote for one of the pack — not this time — and they didn’t last time, either. Remember, they got the “first black president” the last two times, and now they’re looking for another “first.” Now we’re looking at options that include the first woman and the first socialist — along with the first bold, strong and non-politicized president.

“The Donald” is a force to be reckoned with. He’s his own man, beholden to no one — the kind of guy that used to represent American men. Unfortunately, his biggest problem — and perhaps, that of the GOP field in general — is that most side stars appear dim next to him.


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