Liberal insanity: You will NOT believe who this professor blames for her menstrual cramps

Hoo boy. First of all this article was written by Michele Hickford – a woman – just needed to get that out of the way, because I have some personal experience with menstruation. Which is why this particular story practically made my head blow up.

Former University of Memphis professor Zandria Robinson is having her 15 minutes of fame based on a series of inflammatory anti-white statements which surfaced from her now private Twitter account. Thanks to Campus Reform, via The Daily Caller, we can share some of her sentiments where she describes “whiteness” as synonymous with “terror,” claims the only destructive riots in American history were by whites against blacks and….well, you can see the tweets below.

Of course the one I personally find the most absurd is where she blames her menstrual problems on WHITE people!! Last March, Robinson admitted to having severe premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), a condition characterized by emotional and mood problems. Due to her difficulty treating it, Robinson theorized her menstrual mood swings may simply have been caused by microaggressive white people rather than any internal hormonal fluctuations.



Here are some of the other doozies. No wonder she wants all this private now.


Robinson also appears to have problems with black people as well.


Perhaps that’s why she recently left the University of Memphis for a position at Rhodes College, which is by the way, 77 percent white. She’s going to be surrounded by a LOT of terror there, but presumably, she has no trouble accepting a paycheck from her white overseers.

As I mentioned a few weeks back, I am sick and tired of being told I am inescapably racist because I am inescapably white. What more can we white folk do? When will WE be freed of those racist chains? What more must we do to absolve ourselves of the sins of the fathers?

I’m getting cramps just thinking about it.


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