Whoa: What this African leader said about Obama and gay marriage will DEFINITELY upset liberals

Perhaps the most bizarre reaction to the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage has come from Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe.

At 91, Mugabe is Africa’s oldest state leader currently in office. He rose to prominence in the 1960s as the leader of the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) during the conflict against the conservative white-minority government of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Mugabe was raised a Roman Catholic, and it appears his traditional views are still strongly held.

As the Daily Mail reports, speaking a week ago, Mugabe said: ‘I’ve just concluded – since President Obama endorses the same-sex marriage, advocates homosexual people and enjoys an attractive countenance – thus if it becomes necessary, I shall travel to Washington, DC, get down on my knee and ask his hand.’

Striking a more serious tone, he added: ‘I can’t understand how this people dare to defy Christ’s explicit orders as our Lord prohibited mankind from sodomy’, going on to accuse the U.S. government of being run by ‘perverted Satan-worshipers who insult the great American nation.’

A few days later, Mugabe added a bit more fuel to the fire, telling BBC Africa that “Even Satan wasn’t gay, he chose to approach naked Eve instead of naked Adam.”

I think it’s safe to assume Robert Mugabe will NOT be getting an invitation to stay in the Lincoln Bedroom any time soon. According to reports Obama has ruled out a meeting with the eldest statesman who is also head of the Southern African Development Community and the African Union.

As we reported recently, not a single African country, with the exception of South Africa, has legalized same sex marriage. This issue appears to be the exclusive “privilege” of white-run nations – although something tells me it’s not high on Vladimir Putin’s agenda either.

[Note: this article was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]


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