Rush was right: Look what millennials want to ban NEXT

Even Fox News called it “hyperbole,” but it turns out Rush Limbaugh was onto something when he declared “the American flag is next” to be banned.

As Politico reported:

The debate over the Confederate battle flag in South Carolina and elsewhere is not really about the banner itself, Rush Limbaugh says. And it won’t stop there, the radio host said during his show on Tuesday.

One day, he said, what is happening to the rebel flag will come to pass for the American flag, too.

To liberals, he added, the American flag “stands for the United States of America and, as such, everything that’s wrong with it.”

Sure — and frighteningly — enough, Rush once again was prescient.

Via Daily Surge

Youtuber Mark Dice wanted to see if “politically correct millennials” would sign a fake petition to get rid of the American flag – and guess what?

They enthusiastically signed the petition.

Dice told people that the American flag is associated with imperialism and racism. He asked them if they’d be in favor of banning Old Glory and issuing a new flag.

“I told them it was time to replace it, time to end the era of supposed racism that the American flag stands for, and, quite stunningly, many people signed it,” he said.

“These millennials have been indoctrinated by their communist college professors, indoctrinated by the liberal media, poisoned by today’s pop culture into really being ashamed of America and so afraid to be politically incorrect that … they are now willing to replace, ban the American flag, issue a new flag,” Dice said.

Dice called the results “absolutely astounding,” when more people than he expected readily took up the cause of his fake petition — even as the Fourth of July weekend approaches.

Perhaps this mindset explains why, as we reported here, so many millennials say they would ditch America if given the chance.

I, for one, remain grateful for the opportunity to live in the greatest nation on earth. Sure, we have some blemishes on our history — who doesn’t? — and we continue to evolve to address those. Frankly, I’m sick and tired of people complaining, being ashamed and trying to transform America into something fundamentally different than the land of unsurpassed freedom and opportunity our Founding Fathers envisioned. To those people, I say: go ahead and live somewhere else. I suspect you’ll learn to appreciate what we have here in America, as imperfect as it may be.

May our stars and stripes continue to wave proudly across this land of the free and home of the brave. Happy Fourth of July!


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