BOOM: This awesome cartoon NAILS Hillary… right where it counts

It’s about time somebody nails Hillary Clinton for the most glaring reason she should NEVER be president: her character. Or, more to the point, her lack thereof. This cartoon hits it right on the head.

Hillary character


Pick any one of Mrs. Clinton’s scandals and ask yourself whether she’s fit to be president. Add them all up — from shady deals with foreign governments, Benghazi, lying willfully to the public and Congress about her emails to the many more that space doesn’t permit me to list here — and it’s a wonder she’s not behind bars, much less the leading candidate for president.

How have our standards fallen so terribly low? When will voters start demanding more — hey, even just a modicum of integrity — from our leaders?

In my opinion, Mrs. Clinton’s character should’ve backfired on her long ago. I can only hope the light bulb finally goes off for those voters who still are willing to send this charlatan to the White House.


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