The government FIRED this disabled veteran… the reason why will make you CRY

In another outrageous example of the Obama administration’s punishing those who do the right thing — and actually put the president’s grand lip service into action — a disabled veteran says she was fired from her government job for reporting waste, fraud and abuse. Despite being offered $366,000 to drop her claim, what she really wants is an apology from none other than the president himself.

As reported exclusively by ABC affiliate in Washington, WJLA:

A disabled veteran who says she was fired from her government job for blowing the whistle is speaking only to ABC 7. 

“I followed the president’s orders,” she said. “I reported waste, fraud and abuse.”

In 2012, this disabled vet took a job with the National Council on Disability and blew the whistle on what she saw as illegal contracts not competitively bid or properly executed. Soon after, she was put on administrative leave. For 15 months, taxpayers paid her $170,000 to stay home. In April, she was fired. 

“They don’t want me in the office seeing what they’re doing,” she added. 

Unfortunately for this disabled veteran who stood up bravely to support the Obama administration’s professed campaign to “aggressively pursue waste, fraud and abuse across government programs,” she received none of the protections the same administration promised for whistleblowers.

The whistleblower’s claim cited “substantial likelihood” of “violations of law” — including by senior agency officials — and strongly urged an Inspector General investigation. Turns out, the National Council of Disability is one of 41 independent federal agencies — accounting for a whopping $1 billion in federal funding — that doesn’t actually have an Inspector General. That’s some commitment to pursuing waste, fraud and abuse, isn’t it?

And, here’s a shocker: the agency’s internal audit — their own people looking at potential wrongdoing of their own — “found no wrong doing.” Nope, WE didn’t do anything wrong!

The agency apparently DID find wrongdoing by the whistleblower, who was harassed and fired.

“I did nothing wrong,” concluded the whistleblower. “The only thing I did was report malfeasance in this agency and I was harassed for doing the right thing.”

Testament to the whistleblower’s integrity — a trait in such short supply from the administration, apparently — the whistleblower TURNED DOWN the $366,000 she was offered by the agency to drop her employment complaint against them. Impressive.

While we’re guessing the whistleblower will be waiting a long time (forever) for President Obama’s apology, at least she’ll be able to look herself proudly in the mirror.


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