Holy mackerel! Now the POPE is saying crazy stuff.

Apparently the Pope has bought into our president’s political philosophy of changing traditionally-held policies in the hope that something good will happen. So far, it hasn’t worked for President Obama and it likely won’t work for the Pontiff either.

Here are the highlights of the Pope’s points of view which should be troubling not just for Catholics but all of us.

Recognizing the Palestinian State -The Vatican decided last week to recognize that the Palestinian territory (from whence rockets, bombs, and terrorists emanate on an almost daily basis) is now a country of its own and signed a treaty regulating the life of the Catholic Church in the Palestinian territories. (Wait, Islam tolerates other faiths without killing, converting or making them pay? When did THAT happen?) The Vatican did so in the “hopes” that the Hamas terrorists in the territory will now have a change of heart and become peace activists, throwing away their swords for a plowshare and make nice with Israel and the rest of the world. This is the very same idiotic logic being displayed by our administration during the negotiations with Iran over its nuclear weapons program. This insane “reaching out to the bad guys” strategy has produced change in the past — BAD change. It simply gives them the green light to go for the gold of badness.

Humans are responsible for the climate -The Pope recently joined up for the global climate change fraternity. The change he is hoping for is that everyone will believe man is responsible for the globe’s changing temperatures and we will take note and act accordingly. Beginning in 2009, the Vatican purchased a massive solar system-at the cost of 660 MILLION dollars. In a leaked document from a contingent of experts on climate science, environmental policy sent by the Heartland Institute to the Vatican, participants expressed dismay over the Pope’s alarmist views. A couple experts said:

“People worried about putting food on the table, clothes on the back, and a roof over the head can’t afford to care or do much about air, water, and solid waste pollution. Gathering enough twigs and branches to cook tonight’s measly meal and heat a miserable hut take precedence over any concerns about deforestation, soil erosion, and biodiversity loss.

“Wealth enables people to afford better environmental stewardship. Pope Francis should champion economic development as a solution both to poverty and to environmental degradation. Unfortunately, at least as regards climate change, the leaked draft of the new encyclical does the opposite.”

Christians aren’t Christian if they manufacture guns — I assume that also means that Jesus can’t save people who make gun parts, gun holsters, gun ammo, gun targets, gun boxes, silencers, etc. either. I can only guess that the Pope is hoping you don’t see the Vatican arsenal.

Radically changing church doctrine – The Pope apparently “evolved” in the same way that President Obama has “evolved” from his strongly held beliefs as a Senator. As the New York Times reported, In a marked shift in tone likely to be discussed in parishes around the world, an assembly of Roman Catholic bishops convened by Pope Francis at the Vatican released a preliminary document calling for the church to welcome and accept gay people, unmarried couples and those who have divorced, as well as the children of these less traditional families.

Came out of the closet as a hard leftist — As MarketWatch wrote in 2013, the Pope has been removing conservative cardinals and bishops from leadership roles. He’s hell-bent on changing the world fast. And his mandate is unwavering and unequivocal. He’s drawing clear moral and political battle lines against repressive capitalism, excessive consumerism, rigid conservatism.

Gee, sound like anyone else you know?

The Pope said, Inequality is the root of social ills … as long as the problems of the poor are not radically resolved by rejecting the absolute autonomy of markets and financial speculation and by attacking the structural causes of inequality, no solution will be found for the world’s problems or, for that matter, to any problems.

All I have to say about all this is, “oy vey!”

[NOTE: This article was written by Ashley Edwardson]


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