The REAL reason NBC and Univision dumped Donald Trump

The backlash from 2016 candidate Donald Trump’s recent comments about Mexican immigrants continues to spread, as if on cue, with NBC Universal now joining Univision in cutting ties.

But could the real reason the offense and outrage at Trump’s comments is so vehement be because Trump’s they strike a chord of truth? To be clear, I am NOT in any way in favor of blanket statements characterizing ANY group of people — Mexicans or otherwise — as many are interpreting Trump’s. But could Trump actually have a point?

Ann Coulter suggests he does, as reports:

The pushback against Donald Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants is emotional, knee-jerk and not fact-based, according to political commentator and author of the new book ‘Adios, America’ Ann Coulter.

Monday, NBC announced it was cutting ties with Trump following the backlash over the GOP presidential contender’s view that Mexican immigrants are bringing their problems to the U.S.

“They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people,” Trump said during his campaign announcement earlier this month.

Coulter, who devotes a goodly portion of her new book to immigrant crime and the media’s failure to report fully on the “immigrant crime wave,” points out that arguments against Trump amount to a straw man claim that “not all Mexicans are rapists.”

“The point is: Why should America be taking in ANY RAPISTS?” Coulter wrote in an email to Breitbart News. “Were we short on rapists?  By definition, we’re talking about people who have no right to be here. If Mexico is sending us 2 rapists – THEY’RE SENDING US RAPISTS.”

As reports, Coulter argues that the facts actually support Trump’s comments about rapists, imported drugs and crime:

  • On rape: The Centers for Disease Control have reported Hispanic children are seven times more likely to give birth between the ages of 10-14 than white children, while ICE (reported by Breitbart News) deported over 860 sex offenders from the state of Texas during the first half of FY 2014, 27 percent of who were convicted of sex crimes against children.
  • On drugs: Coulter argues the majority of heroin and meth in the U.S. is being brought in by Mexicans — supported by The Washington Post’s report that Mexico and Columbia “account for more than 90 percent of the U.S. heroin supply, and nearly all of it is smuggled into this country by Mexican traffickers.”


The problem, according to Coulter, is that, while the evidence surrounds, the government is not good at collecting or disseminating specific statists about immigrant crime.

Or maybe the government just doesn’t want us to know the truth. Perhaps it doesn’t match the current administration’s immigration agenda?

“Why don’t we know exactly how many drug dealers in our prisons are foreigners? Why is our [government] refusing to tell us how many immigrants have been convicted of rape or murder in the U.S.?  The [government] won’t tell us and the media cover up immigrant crime, while broadcasting every immigrant who wins a spelling bee. the facts that exist suggest that the immigrant crime wave is enormous,” Coulter wrote, pointing out that her book elaborates on those points.

Whatever the truth is, what’s happened in the case of Trump’s recent comments is that knee-jerk offense, political correctness and outrage once again have effectively silenced productive debate on an important issue facing our country — in this case, immigration.

Meanwhile Coulter noted that instead of have a debate, the media’s reaction has been to remain silent.

“Incidentally, if Trump and I were wrong, the media wouldn’t have to censor us. But whenever anyone speaks the truth about our current immigration policies: BANNED. Yes, that’s how many facts they have on their side!” she concluded.

Whatever your feelings about Donald Trump and his viewpoints, you’ve got to give him some credit for speaking his mind without regard for what important voting constituent he might be pissing off. He’s the anti-panderer in the midst of much hypocrisy and double-speak (yes, I’m looking at YOU, Hillary Clinton). And maybe instead of dismissing comments like Trump’s out of hand and igniting blind outrage, we’d do better to let them ignite productive debate from all sides of the issue.


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