DESPICABLE: Look what the #lovewins crowd tweeted to Iraq war vet

JR Salzman, a disabled Iraq war veteran and champion log roller must be wondering about the people whose rights he fought so hard to defend. He served his country, losing his right arm and left hand in the process. After the recent Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, Salzman tweeted a concern that many have voiced. He was worried that this decision might put Christians in the position of having to violate their religious beliefs or violate the law. Rather than getting civil discourse, or a thank you for his service, he received these crude remarks instead:



more tweet-j

Mr. Salzman, I thank you for your service and your sacrifice. I apologize for the garbage comments that you received. Have a Happy 4th of July. we celebrate freedom (even freedom to be an idiot) because of you and your fellow warriors.

Hat tip to Sooper Mexican via Weasel Zippers

[Note: This article was written by Ashley Edwardson]

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