After the Confederate flag bans, will we start seeing this in ALL churches?

Yesterday’s sermon at a large Dallas church got me thinking, as a good sermon often does. One of the sermon’s themes was the impact the various messages we’re constantly bombarded with have on us — as they’re stored in our minds, our psyches — often, without our awareness. It’s incomprehensible how much the messages conveyed TO us affect us, and our lives, continually.

To break this down further, let’s frame this in the context of marketing. In every aspect of our lives, we’re being sold something. In some cases, this might amount to as being “sold a bill of goods” — in other words, being deceived or taken unfair advantage of.

In the context of recent events, what does this mean and what have we been sold? We’ve allowed the liberal media and its operatives to swindle us out of our heritage, our collective culture and the truth. Our historical symbols are under assault — an assault which goes well beyond the Confederate flag to include even Christian symbols such as the cross and Jesus. Will these be the next casualties? 

We have ceded any and all symbolism to the censure mob. We have given up! My God, if you believe the flag you wave stands for something other than what someone else says it does, stand up for yourself. I might not agree; however, you have every right as a person and a citizen to voice your dissent. A mad 21-year-old misfit does the unthinkable and the politicians immediately hit the airwaves to declare the prevalence of the KKK, white supremacy and the Confederate flag — even when the deranged murderer acknowledged it wasn’t a presence in his state. Bullies never give up; they twist your words, gather gangs to beat you back and never let a good tragedy go to waste. If you have to stand as David in front of Goliath, what good company you’re in.

While they bathed the White House in the rainbow colors of gay rights, they’ve never used any such symbolism to show deference to our policemen and women who continuously lose their lives protecting us. They’re selling “happiness” and “love” — of course, who can argue with that? —that is already being used to belittle others’ religious beliefs. Because if you don’t like it, you must be a bigot and a hater — and this will be enough for you to be destroyed.

Believe me, it doesn’t stop with the Confederate flag; the American Flag is next, along with George Washington’s picture on the one dollar bill. When George Washington’s father Augustine died in 1743, George Washington became a slave owner at the early age of eleven — after his father willed him 10 slaves along with the family farm. At the time of Washington’s death, the Mount Vernon enslaved population consisted of 318 people.

We must look at history through the prism of time. Not our times — rather, historical times. But the bum rush vilifies the history of our nation and conveniently defines it in today’s terms. By the way, some of the same people who wish to tear apart the Founding Fathers resent the idea that you repeat some of the things they said just 10 years ago — because they’ve “evolved.” How convenient that we are to forget Al Sharpton’s antisemitism and the President’s non-acceptance of gay marriage. They can “evolve,” while their selective targets — used to further their own political agendas — are crucified for their historical legacies, despite their own evolution.

Incredibly, we enter some churches today and nowhere — not on the walls, in the literature, under the chairs, on the stairs or anywhere — will you see a cross. The omission of the cross denies the life of our Father and cedes the symbolism to popularity. “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Sure, you’ll fill the pews, but is the pastor claiming to be God and he in turn, the author of the truth? Is Jesus not cool because he did not work out and possess “big guns” — because he just worked with wood instead of being a lawyer? Why are we ashamed of our heritage and our salvation?

In ways that can never be denied, man and (wo)man are fickle. We live with our eyes on today and, thankfully, our days — and thus our possibility to mess things up — are numbered. Knowing our days are numbered, we live to satisfy the id part of our personality, which is ruled by the pleasure principle. In other words, the id wants whatever feels good at the time, with no consideration for the reality of the situation. YOLO (“you only live once”) is representative of the pleasure principle. We don’t seem to be capable of foreseeing the true consequences of our wanton actions, such as drug abuse, indiscriminate sexual activities, children out of wedlock, irresponsibility and corruption of our children. I don’t care if you have the mantle of Pope, minister or imam, these are men and women. All may be “smart,” “erudite,” or simply “fabulous” — but they’re still human, complete with human frailties, complaints and problems.

Finally, we’ve ceded our common sense and decency. I’m ashamed I had to tell my daughter that in order to pass the Advanced Placement examination, she should just mark the answer indicating that women are always discriminated against, blacks and Hispanics are exploited and the pervading majority culture is exploiting everyone. Because even if you know the correct answer, that’s not what they (the teachers) are seeking. The correct answer isn’t wanted; someone has to be victimized by someone else — and that victimizer is almost always white and especially a white male.

As one educator website stated: The voyages of Christopher Columbus provide unlimited teaching opportunities — opportunities that can be pursued without glorifying the man or denigrating his achievements.

No sense in glorifying ol’ Chris, when in 1998, Honduran Indians held a mock trial, in which Columbus was found guilty of the charges of “genocide and robbery resulting from the 1492 beginnings of the colonization of the Americas. The Honduran Indians are exploited as well, so it encourages the teacher to discuss Christopher Columbus’s diet to show he liked foods of different cultures or some nonsense. Any candidate for president supporting Common Core should be queried extensively. This not just about “standards;” it’s about indoctrination — the expansion of real estate and the sale of that “bill of goods.”

Pay attention: the precious real estate I speak of is our minds and hearts, as well as those of our children.



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