The story of everything I wear on my hands

I’m often asked about the various items I wear on my hands. First let me say it all honors God, family and country — in no favorite order.

My wedding band from 25 years ago is mated with a silver ring that matches one my wife Angela wears. We bought them two years ago in Norway on a summer cruise.

Our girls call it our ‘Viking bond.

Awhile ago, Angela wanted me to have a manly wrist cuff. But I told her I wouldn’t wear anything frou frou, so she had my Army master parachutist wings cast as a bracelet.

Below it, I wear the green “Soldier of God” band my youngest daughter Austen gave me.

The ring on my right ring finger — “Always and Forever” — was a gift from both Aubrey and Austen.

Allen West's hands are testimony to family, God and country -- in no favorite order.

My trigger finger has a black titanium #22Kill Honor Ring representing the 22 veterans who commit suicide every year. I got it when I visited Honor, Courage, Commitment Inc. in Dallas and busted out 44 push ups (double the required 22).

On my left wrist, I wear bracelets with the names of two artillery soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Baghdad.

I never take these off. You can’t forget what Lincoln called the last full measure of devotion. I’m here to continue to tell the stories of these young men because they aren’t.

Hat tip and thanks to Cheryl Hall of the Dallas Morning News for sharing this story.

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