BRILLIANT: This cartoon shows who REALLY wins with same sex marriage ruling


Let’s hope same sex marriages last as happily and as long as traditional marriages. And according to a recent study, it appears they will.

According to Good Therapy the How Couples Meet and Stay Together survey began tracking about 3,000 couples in 2009. They followed up with the couples every year through 2012. Because many states did not have legal gay marriage options at the time of the study, researchers looked at both legally married same-sex couples and same-sex couples who maintained long-term, marriage-like relationships. The study included almost 500 same-sex couples.

Researchers found that the rate of marriage breakup among same-sex couples was indistinguishable from that of straight couples. There was also no substantive difference in marriage breakup rates between lesbian and gay couples. Both straight and gay marriages had an annual breakup rate of less than 3%. But it’s still good news for the lawyers, not matter how you slice it.


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