Liberal Logic: This defense of Rachel Dolezal is certifiably NUTS

The left is working hard to erase the facts of our history. Now they’d like us also to erase the facts of our biology.

According to Diana Ohlbaum, writing for The Hill, being African-American isn’t a matter of biology. It’s a political concept, and that’s why no one should be upset that Rachel Dolezal pulled off a years long scam. After all, since race is nothing more than a social and political concept, she’s black if she wants to be.

So she lied. She portrayed herself as being something she’s not, in order to serve a political cause. Is that really so terrible?

And if you happen to think it IS actually pretty terrible then there’s the fall back excuse — everyone does it.

“There are gays who hide their sexual orientation in order to get ahead in the Republican Party.

There are nonbelievers who get married in church just to please their parents.

It’s even been rumored that some people doctor their own photos on dating sites.

Where’s all the outrage about that?”

We ought to start by remembering that race is a social and political concept, not a biological one. There is far more genetic variation within racial groups than between them. So breaking down the myths around what constitutes “blackness” or “whiteness” is actually a good thing.

“She lied… in order to serve a political cause.”

That my friends may be the best description of liberal politics and the liberal thought process I have ever heard. In order to get you to believe in their agenda, they are asking you to completely ignore science and “biology” and anything else that is logical or ethical. And they’re willing to lie to get you there. But that’s ok because it’s for a good cause – THEIR good cause. Hmm…that sounds just like ISIS — it’s ok to lie to the infidels to achieve victory.

Just one thing. If white people are black people and black people are white people, would somebody PLEASE tell the Black Panthers? They haven’t bought into this yet. The former leader of the esteemed organization, Malik Shabazz, just called for the murder of white southerners.

Ms. Ohlbaum, I’m waiting to see if you will condemn these comments and try to convince Malik Shabazz that he isn’t really black — at least not in a biological sense. If there is no real biological difference, there’s no need for him to call for the murder of “white” people. He can just randomly kill some folks because he feels like it — sort of like what Dylann Roof did.

[NOTE: This article was written by Ashley Edwardson]


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