Obama’s America: You will WEEP when you see what America is giving Iran

So this makes perfect sense. If we can’t get Iran to sign a deal to make them slow down their nuclear program, how about helping them speed it up? With more reactors. Seriously.

According to the AP, Western powers are offering Tehran high-tech reactors under a proposed nuclear agreement, a confidential document says, but a defiant speech by Iran’s supreme leader less than a week before a negotiating deadline casts doubt on whether he’s willing to make the necessary concessions to seal a deal.

Of course he’s not willing to make concessions. Iran’s leaders are playing chess while America is playing checkers. And according to three of the nation’s foremost experts on Iran, our star checkers player, President Obama, is basically out of his mind to think he can negotiate with the rogue regime in Iran and then expect them to abide by the agreement.

During a recent address at a conference on the Iran Nuclear Negotiations held by the American Conservative Union Foundation, Clare Lopez, strategic policy and intelligence expert with a focus on Middle East; author Michael Rubin, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, senior lecturer at the Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Civil-Military Relations and a senior editor of the Middle East Quarterly; and Michael T. Flynn , a retired United States Army lieutenant general who served as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency each brought front and center the foolish endeavor of trying to negotiate with Iran.

Here are the three major points they identified:

1. Iran’s government certainly doesn’t have the kind of character we can trust. Lopez pointed out that according to their own constitution, Iran is a jihadist regime dedicated to the spreading of Sharia though out the entire world and unified under Islamic control. (Doesn’t sound much like a “live and let live” approach does it?) According to their constitution, the Iranian Guard (who would ultimately be in control of any nuclear program or weapons) is an ideological army whose job it is to instill terror in the hearts of their enemies based on Koran verse 8:60. Iran is a member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and as such, has withdrawn from the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and has stated it will only grant those rights provided to a person under Sharia law. (The right to be beheaded, stoned, burned alive, hung, decapitated etc….). In fact, according to Ms. Lopez, one Iranian is executed every two hours in Iran and more than 500 people have been killed there since January 2015. Not convinced yet that we should walk away from the table and not look back?

2. Michael Rubin so accurately pointed out that “we are projecting our own good intentions onto the Iranian side” while Iran is eating our lunch. While the checker players have allowed 100 billions dollars worth of sanctions and unfrozen assets to flow back to Iran the chess players have refused to endorse almost all reasonable demands -they have in effect been given dessert first and then the United States has put itself in the position of trying to make them eat the spinach – even a two-year-old can figure that deal out. Worse yet, the Iranian Guard Corps – who would have actual control and custody of the nuclear program-have apparently not signed off on any deal. These negotiations have been concluded with the Foreign Ministry and even the Supreme leader hasn’t committed to anything except taking all the sanction relief and unfrozen assets he can get.

3. Michael T. Flynn, free to speak out since his retirement, raised concerns that the United States is projecting confusion instead of clarity, weakness instead of confidence and strength, and discord instead of coherence. Unfortunately, it appears our government may be of the mindset that any deal is better than no deal. We appear to have lost site of the fact that the negotiations are intended to create a treaty to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

This is ridiculous. Not only are we giving away the farm, we’re offering to build it for them.

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