Busted: Hillary caught in BIG lie about her emails…

Remember when Hillary Clinton told everyone she’d turned over all of the emails from her personal server – except for the ones that had to do with yoga classes or wedding planning?

Hands up, everyone surprised that wasn’t exactly the truth.

The New York Times reports the department has received several related to Libya that she had not handed over, according to officials at the agency.

The emails that Mrs. Clinton did not give to the State Department were between her and her longtime confidant and adviser Sidney Blumenthal. He did not work for the department at the time, but was routinely sending her intelligence memos on Libya.

There are 15 emails that Mr. Blumenthal gave to the House committee looking into the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, that the State Department cannot find among the emails that Mrs. Clinton handed over last year, according to a State Department official. The House committee gave those emails to the State Department this month.

Mrs. Clinton originally gave the State Department about 30,000 emails, but also deleted roughly that many. That’s a lot of emails.

But old Sidney was forced to hand over the emails, after he was subpoenaed by the House committee looking into the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

Many of the emails that Mr. Blumenthal divulged had not been given to the committee by the State Department, which has taken the lead in responding to requests for documents related to the attacks.

Yes, yes, but of course, “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

Well, question for Hillary supporters: at what point will it make a difference that the person you’re supporting for president is apparently a liar with something to hide?

[Note: this article was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]

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